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[[Slade Gunner]] <br>
[[Slade Gunner]] <br>
[[Slevins Lance Sergeant]] <br>
[[Slevins Lance Sergeant]] <br>
[[Smith Battery Quartermaster Sergeant]] <br>
[[Smith Signalman]] <br>
[[Smith Signalman]] <br>
[[Smith Richard Frederick Lance Sergeant 957518]] <br>
[[Smith Richard Frederick Lance Sergeant 957518]] <br>

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143rd Field Regiment, Royal Artillery.

The War Diary for the period covering the existence of this unit was photographed at The National Archives, Kew and the images from that research (with the exception of January to May 1942, and after August 1944) remain on file within the research archives.

As with other supporting units, the War Diary will only be included on this 70th Infantry Brigade Memorial Website for the period over which the unit was possibly involved with the Brigade - in this instance, from the time when they were Divisional Troops in support of 49th Infantry Division (from 26th April 1942), until the time when 70th Infantry Brigade was disbanded in August 1944, to provide reinforcements for other units, together with the time when they served in Iceland.

Any user of the Website who has queries about events included within other periods of the unit's existence is invited to contact the lead researcher and the archive of War Diary pages will be searched in an attempt to answer questions. In addition, the pages which do not feature in full on the Website will be trawled for the names of those who served in the unit, and they will be included in the list of personnel.

The unit War Diary has been completed in manuscript and some of the handwriting is indistinct. In some instances, question marks have been substituted for words or the author's interpretation has been included, but with a question mark.

143rd Field Regiment, Royal Artillery. War Diary 1940

143rd Field Regiment, Royal Artillery. War Diary 1941

143rd Field Regiment, Royal Artillery. War Diary 1942

143rd Field Regiment, Royal Artillery. War Diary 1943

143rd Field Regiment, Royal Artillery. War Diary 1944

Personnel known to have served in the unit.

Airy Lieutenant
Akers-Douglas Captain
Bailey G C R Captain
Bailey Corporal
Baldwin 2nd Lieutenant
Baldwin Phillip Howard Gunner 914147
Bannerman Battery Sergeant Major
Barrett James William Bombardier 981116
Berry Captain
Bloodworth Lance Sergeant
Boorman John Frederick Gunner 900343
Bowden Cyril Raymond Gunner 14349124
Brabin 2nd Lieutenant
Bray Lance Bombardier
Bray Lieutenant RAOC
Brock 2nd Lieutenant
Browne P T L Major
Bryan C R RAChD
Burn Regimental Sergeant Major
Burton D J Lieutenant
Bushell Douglas Harry Stephen Sergeant 894494
Butler John William Gunner 1568865
Buxton S F Major
Calvert A R 2nd Lieutenant
Chance George Charles Lance Bombardier 945040
Charlton Gunner
Charrington Lieutenant
Clough Lance Bombardier
Cole Thomas Frederick Lance Bombardier 14357142
Compton 2nd Lieutenant
Cox A D M Lieutenant
Cunliffe Major
Danatt Lance Sergeant
Darby Lance Bombardier
Davie Peter Gunner 782361
Davies Elwyn Michael Sergeant 822991
Davis Sergeant
Dimmock Gunner
Douglas Major
Dowding 2nd Lieutenant
Driscoll 2nd Lieutenant
Eagleton Ralph Stacey Bombardier 901246
Evans Elwyn Gunner 14337724
Eves Bombardier
Fielder A R 2nd Lieutenant
Fisher C W 2nd Lieutenant
Flynn 2nd Lieutenant
Gates Gunner
Gazzini Lance Bombardier
Gould Frederick Charles Gunner 3054702
Grant Lance Bombardier
Griffiths P G 2nd Lieutenant
Grodd S Captain
Hamilton D S Major
Harris Gunner
Heal Lieutenant (Quartermaster)
Heap Frank Gunner 14551424
Henderson-Smith John Battery Quartermaster Sergeant 796955
Henham Captain
Hewson V E Signalman 952496
Hickmote Sergeant
Holding Ernest Lance Bombardier 1516325
Homewood Jack Edgar Warrant Officer Class II 957494
Johnson Andrew William Teasdale Sergeant 1423440
Kemp Lance Corporal
Leach Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant
Mackie Norman Rochester Gunner 14419140
Marriott Lieutenant
Marsden 2nd Lieutenant
Marshall R N Captain
Marwood-Tucker 2nd Lieutenant
Mathews Eric Charles Bombardier 901226
Matthews Bombardier
McIlwrick Ambrose Melland Gunner 14366548
Miller Gunner
Morfey J H 2nd Lieutenant
Mount Captain
O'Callaghan Captain
O'Connor Lance Bombardier
O'Donovan Lieutenant RAMC
Orme 2nd Lieutenant
Osbourne Acting Sergeant
Ostle A J Reverend (Captain) RAChD
Partridge Charles Ernest Douglas Lance Bombardier 892123
Perkins Lance Sergeant
Phillips 2nd Lieutenant
Philpin Battery Sergeant Major
Pollard 2nd Lieutenant
Polter Bombardier
Pope Sergeant
Rawlins Freddie Gunner 14311616
Richardson F N Lieutenant Colonel
Roberts Gunner
Roberts D F Captain
Roberts R F G 2nd Lieutenant
Roberts William Henry Gunner 731549
Robertson Kenneth Craufurd Lieutenant 273168
Rodgers R Gunner
Rose 2nd Lieutenant
Roth 2nd Lieutenant Rowley Signalman
Rowley Lance Corporal
Russell Jack Terence Gunner 943420
Sanderson Allen Major
Sargent Gunner
Slade Gunner
Slevins Lance Sergeant
Smith Battery Quartermaster Sergeant
Smith Signalman
Smith Richard Frederick Lance Sergeant 957518
Smithers Captain
Stachini John James Gunner 946014
Stannard 2nd Lieutenant
Stephenson Captain
Strutt Gunner
Stubbins 2nd Lieutenant
Symes Fredrick John Gunner 14349000
Taylor Alan John Gunner 1156152
Temple Gunner
Thompson Gunner
Thomsit Lance Sergeant
Tompsett 2nd Lieutenant
Vicary Dennis Alexander Gunner 895579
Walker Norman Lieutenant Colonel
Wallace J Captain
Warriner Battery Sergeant Major
Watson G C K Major
Watson G W Captain
Weedon Gunner
Weston Major
Whitaker Arthur Gunner 981063
Whitehouse 2nd Lieutenant
Wignall 2nd Lieutenant
Williams Lance Bombardier
Williams P Lieutenant
Wilson Percy Joseph Bombardier 4923619
Wolff G R 2nd Lieutenant
Woodman H H K 2nd Lieutenant
Woodman Lance Sergeant
Young Lieutenant
Young Sergeant

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