143rd Field Regiment, Royal Artillery

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143rd Field Regiment, Royal Artillery.

The War Diary for the period covering the existence of this unit was photographed at The National Archives, Kew and the images from that research (with the exception of January to May 1942, and after August 1944) remain on file within the research archives.

As with other supporting units, the War Diary will only be included on this 70th Infantry Brigade Memorial Website for the period over which the unit was possibly involved with the Brigade - in this instance, for the time when they were Divisional Troops in support of 49th Infantry Division from 26th April 1942, until the time when 70th Infantry Brigade was disbanded in August 1944, to provide reinforcements for other units.

Any user of the Website who has queries about events included within other periods of the unit's existence is invited to contact the lead researcher and the archive of War Diary pages will be searched in an attempt to answer questions. In addition, the pages which do not feature in full on the Website will be trawled for the names of those who served in the unit, and they will be included in the list of personnel.

143rd Field Regiment, Royal Artillery. War Diary 1942

143rd Field Regiment, Royal Artillery. War Diary 1943

143rd Field Regiment, Royal Artillery. War Diary 1944

Personnel known to have served in the unit.

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