178th Field Regiment War Diary - June 1942.

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1 June 1942 CRESSELLY.

Major R A Collins RA visited War Office to discuss equipment deficiencies with Major Fogden.

3 June 1942

Advance Party Marine Brigade arrive at Cresselly. (This Brigade was presumably taking over the Cresselly accommodation).

4 June 1942

516 Battery move to Practice Camp at Trawsfynydd from Picton Park.

5 June 1942

366 Battery return from Trawsfynydd to new location at Harpton Court.

6 June 1942 Harpton Court.

RHQ and 122 Battery move from Picton Park to new location at Harpton Court. Postal address, New Radnor, Presteign, Radnorshire, move completed 16:30 hours. See below for Appendix attached to the War Diary.

9 June 1942 Col L Rushworth-Ward M.C. RA arrives at Harpton Court with 516 Battery from Trawsfynydd.

10 June 1942

Lieut R Vipond joins Air Observation Post Course at Hatfield.

16 June 1942

Arrival of Light Aid Detachment from 47th Division. Strength 1 Sergeant 8 men. Accommodated at Harpton Court.

19 June 1942

Arrival of Signals Section. Signals Officer 2/Lt S S Selby. One Officer, 2 Sergeants, 31 Other Ranks, accommodated at Harpton Court.

22 June 1942

Arrival of Medical Officer Captain Willard RAMC from 160 Field Ambulance for attachment.

27 June 1942

I.G. (Inspector General?) Captain Willcocks RA and A.I. G. arrive to stay until July 10th.

Appendices attached to June 1942 War Diary.

Appendix 1 – Operation Order No. 12 – Move of RHQ and 122 Field Battery from CRESSELLY to HARPTON COURT. Dated 2.6.42.

The details of the move set out on this document included; the identification of the Start Point, timings, speed, vehicle density, dress, route, traffic control, command arrangements, numbers involved and rations arrangements. 11 Officers and 170 men were to move by road.

A small number of NCO’s and men, but many tons of equipment were to move by rail on the night of 6th June, having been loaded on 5th and 6th. Due to arrive at Kington 7th June.

The usual arrangements were to be made for handing over accommodation with the necessary clearance certificates. This would be handled by the Quartermaster, who would command the Rear Party – with three 3-ton Lorries.

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