185th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery

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185th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, War Diary.

Unit History

It is not really necessary to set out the history of this Field Regiment separately, as it is described in detail in the War Diary for December 1942. Users of the Website interested in this artillery unit are recommended to start at that point.

185th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, War Diary December 1942

185th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, War Diary 1943

185th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, War Diary 1944

Personnel known to have served in the Unit.

Asten Harry Gunner 973986
Banfield Alfred Thomas Gunner 1505199
Boxall William Charles Gunner 1112252
Brown Edwin Arthur Gunner 14230997
Bryan David Lieutenant 187229
Clark Sidney Francis Gunner 11006555
Coleman Frederick Bombardier 1059981
Feaver John Edward Gunner 14266498
Heaton Stephen Thomas Gunner 14252836
Jackson Frank Delves Gunner 913073
Lote Jack Lance Bombardier 901865
Lyth Leslie Lance Bombardier 914451
Marshall Douglas Bombardier 907557
Marshall Harry Gunner 4869119
McColl J Gunner 2991847
Milligan John Dodds Sergeant 1084497
Roberts Percival James Gunner 7674803
Shore Edward William Horton Sergeant 973734
Sim Robert Gunner 1122927
Smith William George Gunner 917700
Stead George William Bombardier 903502
Tyrrell John Arthur Gunner 14362770
Warren Frederick Michael Lance Bombardier 993938
Waterfield Thomas Robert Gunner 2351814
Wolseley Stephen Garnet Hubert Francis Captain 77530

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