185th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery

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185th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, War Diary.

Unit History

It is not really necessary to set out the history of this Field Regiment separately, as it is described in detail in the War Diary for December 1942. Users of the Website interested in this artillery unit are recommended to start at that point.

185th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, War Diary December 1942

185th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, War Diary 1943

185th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, War Diary 1944

Personnel known to have served in the Unit.

Airy A G Lieutenant 99222 See also 143rd Field Regiment.
Amos C A WOII BSM 888255
Asten Harry Gunner 973986
Bailey G C R Captain 65237 See also 143rd Field Regiment.
Banfield Alfred Thomas Gunner 1505199
Barker D Lieutenant
Beckwith J WOII BSM 754749
Bennett E Lieutenant
Berry M W L Captain 98976 See also 143rd Field Regiment.
Bleasby H Captain 140332
Bourne R M Captain 62801
Boxall William Charles Gunner 1112252
Boyce H C Gunner 1441117
Brabin D J Lieutenant 132022 See also 143rd Field Regiment.
Brown Edwin Arthur Gunner 14230997
Brown R Gunner 1106769
Brown W S Lieutenant 134942
Browne M E 2nd Lieutenant 276015
Bryan David Lieutenant 187229
Burden H C P Lieutenant 226842
Burdock V E 2nd Lieutenant
Cairns J M BQMS 892154
Cannell H 2nd Lieutenant 243688
Challiner Battery Sergeant Major
Clark Sidney Francis Gunner 11006555
Cole Stanley Richard Gunner 4127297
Coleman Frederick Bombardier 1059981
Collins Gunner 14215128
Collins K J Captain
Cooper C Gunner 4968278
Coverdale J M Lieutenant
Coverdale W M F Captain 56307
Crew Leonard James Gunner 6299825
Cross Roland William Gunner 5734864 See also 143rd Field Regiment.
Culpin J A Lieutenant 134914
Davies G E WOI RSM 1046366
Dickinson Gunner 961870
Dimmock Gunner 853016
Driscoll R D 2nd Lieutenant 247425 See also 143rd Field Regiment.
Elliott Arthur Owen Gunner 6083218
Evans Lieutenant Royal Corps of Signals
Evans B G Lieutenant
Feaver John Edward Gunner 14266498
Fielder A R Lieutenant 100775
Flynn T E Lieutenant 145566 See also 143rd Field Regiment.
Ford M M Lieutenant Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
Francis Hugh Gunner 6399211
Gillespie Kenneth Josling Gunner 14239164
Garnett E W Captain 90105
Golesworthy Frederick James Gunner 4617997
Goodyear R S Gunner 895675
Gould O M 2nd Lieutenant 262615
Green Lance Bombardier 1774335
Grimston Colour Sergeant
Grove-White N F Lieutenant
Haddock Lance Sergeant 825636
Hart H C Lieutenant
Hawkins C R C Temporary Captain
Hayley J P Lieutenant 187234
Heaton Stephen Thomas Gunner 14252836
Hewson V Sergeant 957496
Hirst P R Lieutenant
Hogarth Charles William Gunner 14321653
Holloway Edmund Gunner 4862701
Holmes Thomas Richard Gunner 14348903
Hopps F WOII RSM 1415326
Horner Vincent Gunner 1150169
Howard C Sergeant 895885
Hudson R Temporary Major 41613
Hughes L J Sergeant 921850
Hymers Douglas Lance Sergeant 896764
Inglis Captain Royal Army Chaplains Department
Jackson Frank Delves Gunner 913073
Jaine W H Temporary Captain 195921
Jennings J M Lieutenant 193454
Kennedy C Gunner 897423
Kirby R E Lieutenant
Laing R WOII BSM 760456
Lardner R D J Lieutenant 109196
Laurence A L P 2nd Lieutenant 262595
Leach J Lieutenant Quartermaster
Lote Jack Lance Bombardier 901865
Lucas F R Temporary Major
Lyth Leslie Lance Bombardier 914451
Mackay Lewis K F Lieutenant Colonel 14122
Marshall D I Temporary Captain
Marshall Douglas Bombardier 907557
Marshall Harry Gunner 4869119
McColl J Gunner 2991847
McKenna C Lieutenant
Milligan John Dodds Sergeant 1084497
Mitchell J R Lieutenant
Mount L A Captain 99269 See also 143rd Field Regiment.
Myers J Sergeant 888002
Newmark Gunner 4867985
Norgate H Bombardier 957492
Orme W J 2nd Lieutenant 243675 See also 143rd Field Regiment.
Paul P G Major 51460
Pearce L E Lieutenant Royal Corps of Signals
Phillips J G D 2nd Lieutenant 253319
Philpott H Gunner 919383
Pollard E C Lieutenant
Quinlan G V Lieutenant
Rees R Lieutenant
Rees-Webbe E H N Major 6694
Roberts Percival James Gunner 7674803
Robertson J P Captain 87175
Robinson H S Captain 129123
Ross J Lieutenant
Rycroft J E WOII BSM 814124
Sackett S E B WOII BSM 1063296
Saunders J M T Lieutenant
Shore Edward William Horton Sergeant 973734
Showring D S Lieutenant
Sim Robert Gunner 1122927
Simmons A Gunner 2993493
Small D J Lieutenant
Smith A W M 2nd Lieutenant 261114
Smith M W 2nd Lieutenant 273219
Smith William George Gunner 917700
Springbett H G Lieutenant
Stead George William Lance Bombardier 903502
Stokoe L J Sergeant
Sutton R Gunner 14243401
Sykes S Gunner 4868911
Taylor E Temporary Captain Royal Army Medical Corps
Taylor R M WOII RQMS 909174
Thompson W A Lieutenant 166553
Tucker J B 2nd Lieutenant 273201
Tyrrell John Arthur Gunner 14362770
Vickers W A Lieutenant 148319
Wallich W 2nd Lieutenant 268795
Wanstall E Gunner 895217
Warren Frederick Michael Lance Bombardier 993938
Waterfield Thomas Robert Gunner 2351814
Watson Bombardier 957474
West J Lieutenant
Wetherall A E Gunner 944722
Woodhouse C W WOII BSM 1066821
Woodward R Lieutenant
Wolseley Stephen Garnet Hubert Francis Captain 77530
Wroe G Gunner 954486
Youlton P D Lieutenant 184305
Young R A Gunner 934617

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