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The 1st Mountain Regiment, Royal Artillery, incorporating four Mountain Batteries - 451, 452, 453 and 454 - served alongside the 70th Infantry Brigade for part of 1942, during the time that the Brigade was training in Mountain Warfare.

The War Diary for the Regiment is set out below and has been confined, in the case of this Website, to 1942, towards the end of which period the Regiment was separated, on the basis of a new War Establishment, into two Regiments - the 1st and 3rd Mountain Regiments.

Readers interested in the history of these Units can search a number of Internet sources which will describe their later service.

The Regiment was armed and equipped with the 3.7 Howitzer, essentially a Pack-Howitzer carried in sections on Mules, and a range of specialist Internet sources are referenced below, so that those interested can learn more of this versatile and long-lived piece of artillery. A series of photographs of 452 Battery in training exercises in Aviemore in Scotland in 1942 are included in an additional page below.

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Photographs of 452 Battery in Training.

Regimental War Diary

War Diary of the 1st Mountain Regiment, Royal Artillery, 1942.

Those known to have served in the 1st Mountain Regiment, Royal Artillery.

Bailey Clifford
Bailey J D Lieutenant
Bamborough John George Gunner 14221953
Barnsley James Gunner 3197885
Berry M F Captain
Betteley J A Captain
Braithwaite A W Major
Bridges William Victor Gunner 1144825
Cohen Vincent Oswald Captain 177343
Cole Alfred George Gunner 4804709
Cole Stanley Richard Gunner 4127297
Comb Matthew Gunner 4798761
Cook Harry Gunner 14223073
Coward Alfred Gunner 14266495
Craig Thomas Gregson Gunner 13026595
Culley Charles Geoffrey Gunner 4804801
Dale Harold Gunner 1081154
Darvill Henry Gunner 1138808
Dawson Herbert Percival Gunner 4805331
Dickson Second Lieutenant
Edwards Thomas Joseph Gunner 4127338
Evans Humphrey ap Second Lieutenant
Fairclough J Major
Farebrother John Albert Gunner
Farmer Norman Gunner 14232760
Fountain Sid Howard Gunner 6473680
Franklin Maurice Leslie Gunner 4805338
Franks Frederick Stephen Gunner 1773437
Friskney Ernest John Gunner 4804726
Fuller Charles Frank Gunner 14233715
Gardner James Main Blair Gunner 1152586
Geddes William Henderson Gunner 14282245
Gliddon F.E. Gunner 5564906
Graham Alexander Gunner 5435172
Hancock F S W Captain
Hillery Robert Young Gunner 1115470
Hills Donald Patrick Gunner 14551763
Hinchcliffe Gordon Gunner 14275649
Hobson Harry Gunner 1120901
Hodges Harry Leonard Gunner 1775563
Hodgson Thomas Norman Gunner 1117330
Holdsworth Cyril Gunner 14275651
Hollihead Victor Gunner 1109074
Holliman Reginald Gunner 1150145
Hollingsworth Frederick George Gunner 1077386
Hollingsworth W L Lieutenant
Hollister Frederick Gunner 886234
Holmes George Gunner 843512
Holmes John Robert Gunner 550647
Holmes John William Gunner 4805828
Hook Arthur Victor Gunner 4807504
Hope James Gunner 916474
Hopkins Peter Gunner 14278672
Hopson Eric Gunner 838580
Hopwood William Gunner 1117417
Horne Ernest George Gunner 904450
Hornsey James Alfred Gunner 1144716
Horton William Gunner 14583977
Hoskin Roy Nelson Gunner 2563483
Hoskins James Arthur Gunner 1138574
Hough Patrick Ronald Alfred Gunner 14330343
House J H Captain
Hulbert J H Major
Kidston Adrian Alan Oliphant Lieutenant 304038
Lloyd William Henry Gunner 327939
Loveys L G Captain
Lyman Captain
Marshall Philip John Robb Captain 261093
Martin James Gunner 115743
Morley Sydney Bombardier 4804137
Mountjoy William Albert Thomas Lance Bombardier 14289637
Papworth William Robert Gunner 1077970
Pember John Alexander Joseph Gunner 1141304
Peyton H R Lieutenant
Pyne W P S Second Lieutenant
Radford J V D Lieutenant Colonel
Ruston Edward Walter Major 451 Battery
Rutter John Edward Gunner 4810020
Salmon Second Lieutenant
Smith David Gunner
Smith Harry Clapham Lieutenant 262412
Tremesheere J S W Major
Turner Deryk Wilfred Lieutenant 304074
Wright George Daniel Francis Gunner
Young M T Major

Photographs of the Regiment on parade, and on what appears to be a mountain warfare exercise.

Thanks to the family of Clifford Bailey, a series of postcard-sized photographs of the Regiment are set out below. Other than one image featuring Clifford himself, there is no information on the individuals featured, and any user who can identify any of the men featured is invited to get in touch, using the link below. The first response received to this invitation came from John Ruston - son of Major Ruston - Battery Commander of 451 Battery, who is featured in the first image on the left of the leading trio - escorting the inspecting General. The "parade" images were apparently taken in 1945 at a former Kriegsmarine Barracks at Neustadt, on the Baltic.

The photographs are, however, of particular value in showing the weapons and equipment of the unit, and especially the mule-pack configuration, the images of which may well have been taken during the time the Regiment was training with 70th Brigade, and the Indian Mule Companies, in Wales and Scotland, and which show clearly some of the specialist kit - such as the metal framed "Alpine Rucksack" - one example of which was used by the author on a school visit to Germany and Belgium in 1958, having been purchased as Army Surplus. The method of carrying the parts of the guns can also be seen - requiring specialist harness for the mules.

Two further sets of photographs, understood to have been taken by Captain Cohen of 452 Battery, are set out above under the heading of [452 Battery in Training]. These were kindly forwarded to the author by Captain Cohen's niece, and are, perhaps, even more specific on the appearance of the Mules and their specialist harness, together with exercise images of the 3.7 Howitzers in action.

Inspection Party 1
Inspection Party 2
Inspection Party 3
Outside HQ 2
Outside HQ 3
Outside HQ 4
Outside HQ 5
Signals Section
Possibly demonstrating dismantling a howitzer
Addressing the Regiment
Clifford Bailey is on the left of the front row

The following two photographs, according to John Ruston - to whom we are very grateful - are of a Summer 1942 exercise out of Trawsfynydd - the actual location being the Rhinogydd Mountains, west of Trawsfynydd, near Harlech. The route being used is known as "The Roman Steps". The area of the flatter ground is the crest "Bwlch Tyddiad". The first of the photos was a particular favourite of Major Ruston's, hanging as it did in the family home for many years after the War.

Mule Pack 1
Mule Pack 2

For detailed and reliable information on British Artillery in World War Two, the interested reader is advised to consult Nigel Evans' Website at http://nigelef.tripod.com/

Sincere thanks are due to Nigel for his agreement to allowing this hyperlink to be put in place.

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