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To read the Wikipedia Page on this Division please click [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/23rd_(Northumbrian)_Division here]

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To read the Wikipedia Page on this Division please click here


On a recent visit to the Eden Camp Military Museum near Malton, North Yorkshire, we spotted an example of the Divisional Sleeve Patch for the 23rd Division - not by any means a common sight.

The photograph taken of the patch is reproduced below, with our sincere thanks to the management of Eden Camp for permission to feature the image.

23rd Division Sleeve Patch

War Diary

In respect of the War Diary for the Division, this was not one single document or file. Each Divisional Branch had its own War Diary and these need to be read in conjunction with each other. Unfortunately, due largely to the circumstances experienced by this second-line Division, which existed only between September 1939 and June 1940, many of the pages are missing or contain only very limited information.

What does exist has been recorded in this section of the history and includes a very considerable amount of material dealing with the time spent in France and Belgium with the British Expeditionary Force, culminating in the complexities of the retreat to Dunkirk.



Personnel Records for 23rd Division

Adams Christopher Clement L/Cpl 5946614
Allenby Joseph Cpl 4456025
Allinson Sgt
Armstrong D. Pte 7614523
Bailey K.C. 2/Lt
Beally Cpl
Bell 2/Lt
Blake Peter J.
Bleasby S. L/Cpl 4391460
Boyle Edward Driver 2075494
Burton H.E. Major
Byers C.F. Captain
Cameron K.Mc.K. Major
Chivers E.C. L/Cpl 561729
Colman G.H. Pte 7617751
Connor Brian Harvey Driver T/162645
Coombe T Pte 2614527
Crane Arthur Ronald Pte 4457195
Crawford R.F. Sapper 1897581
Davison T.K. 2/Lt
Dodds K. 2/Lt
Edwards Ernest Arthur Driver T/6140504
Ellis J Colonel
Emery H.H. Driver 144200
England Bertram Frederick Driver T/1626641
Faulkner T.D. Driver 144279
Goldingham P.R. Major
Gosling Walter Cecil L/Cpl T/167354
Gravett J. Gnr 947640
Gunn George Thomas Driver T/162453
Hall R.A. Pte 4458001
Hare John Francis Brevet Lt Col 0
Hedley Adrian Everard Captain 0
Herbert W N Major-General
High G.W. Sapper 1897518
Holmes A.D. Driver T/118337
Houstoun-Boswall C. Lt
Izod R.E. Captain
Jackson Stuart Fraser CQMS T/162530
Jacques E.H. Captain Royal Army Medical Corps
Jarvis Leslie Holden Driver T/162515
Keam C.P. Sapper 1928163
Kennedy John Ross Lt Col 0
King Christopher Charles Driver T/156978
King F.J. Driver
Lambie J.M.S. Lt
Leaming J. Sapper 1897320
Lee J.W. Cpl 1897236
Linton R.B. Major
Lockhead David Thomas Driver 2000369
Love B.M. Pte 7614335
Mangnall Alfred Captain 26728
Marchant A. Driver 167525
Marks F.W. Lt 0
Maughan B. Pte S/106354
Nimmo A. Pte 4390947
Oliver C. Fus 426827
Osborne Captain
Parker T. Pte 7614434
Paterson Frederick WO II T/3122127
Plews-Lipsett G.R.W. Captain - CO
Povey Malcolm Pte 7613756
Poyser L. L/Cpl 2569691
Rice John Henry Driver T/166086
Roberts(?) D. Pte 7615827
Roger Ralph Albert Driver T/162880
Ryder I.A. Pte 7611533 ?
Sanderson G.R. L/Cpl 4390595
Smith C.R. Captain
Squires F.R. Sgt S/106630
Taylor T.W.B. S/Sgt 7339058
Thomas P.E.A. Lt 14057
Thompson G.W. Sgt S/106508
Tissier Lt
Trenam R. Major
Waddington D.W. Pte 7617275
Walton A.J. Driver 144318
Warburton J. Pte 7617232
Watson A.R. Captain
Webb W.R. Lt
Weeks L M Lieutenant Colonel RAMC
Wells W. Pte 4344499
Welsh F.J. Driver 144218
Weston A. Driver 144107
Whittle A. Sapper 1897561
Wood D.R. 2/Lt
Wood Norman Driver T/125621

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