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'''Men known to have served in the Unit'''
'''Men known to have served in the Unit'''
[[Asghar Ali 65635 Farrier]] <br>
[[Asghar Ali Farrier 65635 ]] <br>

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When the War Diaries for 25th and 29th Mule Companies were being photographed at The national Archives, Kew, a search was made for the War Diary for the 32nd Mule Company, without success.

In June 2017 the author became aware that reference had been made, in a relevant article, to the existence of the 32nd War Diary at Kew and clearly, the search made at the time the War Diaries were being collected had fallen short of its aim.

Attempts will continue to be made to collect the missing War Diary, and process it in the same way as the others.

The absence of these documents is regretted.

Men known to have served in the Unit

Asghar Ali Farrier 65635