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To read the Wikipedia page on this Division please click [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/49th_(West_Riding)_Infantry_Division here].
'''War Diaries of the 49th Division.'''
'''War Diaries of the 49th Division.'''

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To read the Wikipedia page on this Division please click here.

War Diaries of the 49th Division.

At this stage it is intended to concentrate on documenting the War Diaries of the Division covering the period when they were a major part of the Iceland Garrison. To gain the clearest view of the situation of the British troops, and the tasks with which they were faced, it is suggested that those with an interest in the broader Iceland picture should read the G Branch War Diary first - and then add further detail to their appreciation with the Diaries of the other Branches. It is also particularly useful to read the 70th Brigade and individual Battalion Diaries alongside those from Force HQ.

AQ Branch 49th Division.

G Branch 49th Division.

Commander, Royal Artillery, 49th Division.

Commander, Royal Engineers, 49th Division.

Chaplains Department, 49th Division.

38 Field Security Section.

Personnel of Divisional (including ALABASTER FORCE and ICELAND (C ) FORCE) Headquarters.

These are the names of Staff Officers and colleagues who were mentioned at least once in the various War Diaries covering Iceland Force. So far, only the names of a few of the Other Ranks based at Force HQ have been identified - and they are mostly Senior NCOs. Details of any names not yet included should be notified to the researcher using the link at the foot of the page.

Ackerley A Captain
Allen Lieutenant
Alpin P M Captain
Armitage Major
Ashton Wing Commander
Aubin P St Major
Barnes Wing Commander
Beard Major
Biggs P E Captain
Bliss Brigadier
Bratby W W Major
Bray C Major
Bridger H R Major REME
Broughton I H M 2nd Lieutenant
Campbell P U Major
Clements Lieutenant Commander
Cobb B L/Cpl
Colley Lieutenant Colonel, Royal Artillery
Colley Lieutenant Colonel, Royal Engineers
Copeland J Captain
Curtis H O Major-General
Dalrymple-Hamilton F Rear Admiral
Dickson S G Major
Douglas Major
Draper W B Captain
Dunwell Staff Sergeant Major
Fontaine E C Captain
Haycroft Lieutenant Colonel
Heard L F Major
Davies H L Lieutenant Colonel
Fitzgerald-Lombard J C R Major
Fletcher A W E Lieutenant
Fox J A 2nd Lieutenant
Frazer Lieutenant Colonel
Gay Geoffrey Lytton 2/Lt 113543
Greenwood A M Lieutenant
Grenfell G H P Captain
Griffith-Williams E L G Brigadier
Haig-Thomas D Lieutenant
Halden J G B 2nd Lieutenant
Harvey C W 2nd Lieutenant
Hirst P E Captain
Hunter D Captain
Jackson W B Lieutenant Colonel
Kirkup Philip Brigadier 7992
Lewis P Major
Liddell Major
Lloyd T Captain
Loathins Captain
Marshall R N Captain
Mason W G Major
Maufe F W B Lieutenant Colonel
McCracken Major
Meade-King M G Captain
Moody F N J Captain
Morrison Major
Newing Quarter Master Sergeant
Noakes F Major
Noble James Dunman T/Captain 87250
O'Connor T J Captain
Packard J J Major
Palfery Staff Sergeant Major
Palmer Staff Sergeant
Peacop S H Lieutenant
Percival Major
Pither Staff Sergeant
Primrose Group Captain
Randle F L 2nd Lieutenant
Rothwell A B Captain
Rusby Colonel
Scott Rear Admiral
Scott J M Major
Seal-Coon Captain
Sibley E J Captain
Simpson G Lieutenant
Spencer H A V Captain
Stafford E H Captain
Stevens Captain
Stewart Lieutenant Colonel
Stokes Captain
Sturt P C N Captain
Tarr Staff Sergeant
Temple Colonel
Todhunter J F Major
Turnbull P. Captain 185531
Tyzack W S Captain
Walter-Symons Lieutenant Colonel
Walters Captain
Ward-Walters L M Captain
Watkins Captain
Wedderburn E A Lieutenant
White A G 2nd Lieutenant
Whitehead S W N Captain
Winnington-Ingram R S 2nd Lieutenant
Wise Captain

Should any users of the Website be able to add further career or personal information to the Memorial Pages of any of the men listed above, please contact the researcher using the link below. Additional information of this kind, especially that which would allow a more specific identification of the individual, would be warmly welcomed.

To contact the author by e-mail with any queries, or to send information - click here.