507th Field Company, Royal Engineers

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This Unit of Royal Engineers was a Territorial Army Field Company, originally headquartered in Sunderland.

The War Diary was completed in manuscript and it has not always proved possible to completely interpret the text. Question marks have been inserted where words are unclear. The Enlistment Books for the Corps of Royal Engineers were destroyed when the Corps Museum was unable to accept them and therefore it has not proved possible to trace the service history of the men who served in Engineer Units attached to the 70th Infantry Brigade. Where names of servicemen have been able to be traced or have been extracted from the text of the War Diary they are listed below. At this stage the full supporting information on these men is not accessible but where facts have been able to be found, they have been included on their personal pages. It is hoped that family members will contact us with details of their backgrounds.

To read the Wikipedia article on the history of this unit - originally the Newcastle Engineers - please click here.

Field Company War Diary

507th Field Company, Royal Engineers War Diary 1939

507th Field Company, Royal Engineers War Diary 1940

507th Field Company, Royal Engineers War Diary 1943

Personnel known to have served in the Unit.

As the researcher was unable to gain access to the Enlistment Books for the 507th Field Company, the information on the names of those who served in the Unit is unfortunately limited to those mentioned on the War Diary or, thanks to the help of the Enquiry staff at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, those who became casualties while serving in the Unit. Those men will be included within the personnel list, though without information as to cause of death. Families who have relatives on this list are welcomed, and encouraged, to contact the researcher, using the link below, to provide personal or family information which can be included on their Memorial Pages.

Agar Rodmell 2/Lt
Allison J. Cpl
Appleton D. Spr 2074671
Bain M. Spr 2074688
Banks Cyril Sapper 2114414 Died 17/4/1941
Barella T. Spr 4669063
Beadnell Spr
Blench E.R. Lt 71563
Brown J.N. Spr 2075285
Burdon L/Sgt
Burns L/Sgt
Burrell J. L/Cpl
Cameron Kenneth Mackenzie Major P/31262
Davidson T.K. 2/Lt
Davison A.E. Spr
Davison Thomas Kirkup 2/Lt
Dee V.W. Spr 2069483
Dobson H Driver 2091628
Dodds 2/Lt Dryden Dvr
Edgar L. 2/Lt P/94551
Ellis F.H. Spr
Ellison L/Cpl
Everett Cpl
Ferry G.B. L/Cpl 2078712
Graham Norman Lloyd Spr
Gray John Sapper 2074673 Died 5/5/1941
Hall A. Spr 1890686
Hardy P. Sgt 4260977
Harris L/Cpl
Harris L/Sgt
Hedley J. L/Cpl 2073146
Hopper Dvr
Howard L/Sgt
Huskisson James Septimus S/Sgt 2214892
Jackson H. Spr 2069477
Laidler Richard Henry Sgt 2210708 Died 29/5/1940
Lindsay James Sapper 1929087 Died 19/11/1942
Little S.R. Spr
Little T.T. L/Cpl
Lynch T. Spr
May Cpl
McBride R. Spr 2070339
McCririck A. Dvr 2075324
Miller Kenneth George 2/Lt
Miller R. Dvr
Milligan Thomas Sapper 14213676
Mimmack L/Sgt
Mogie Cpl
Murphy L. Spr 2074681
Naylor L/Cpl
Newton Spr
Nicol J. Cpl 2032497
Park John Thomas Lance Corporal 2075275 Died 5/5/1941
Pearson Dvr
Pearson T.W. Spr 2076666
Porter L/Cpl 2030769
Pritchard Captain
Reid P. 2/Lt
Rennie L/Cpl
Scott L/Cpl
Sharp S.H. 2/Lt 70570
Shirrefs William Robinson 2/Lt 92056
Simpson David Cooper Corporal 4263476 Died 5/5/1941
Simpson Edward Sapper 2091171 Died 12/12/1943
Slater H.F. Spr 2075326
Smith CQMS
Smith G. 2/Lt
Smith Gordon P. Captain
Smith T. Dvr 2091166
Telford Cpl
Turner PSI
Urwin CSM
Wallace Spr
Ward Sgt
Whittingham John Leslie Driver 14451654 Died 4/5/1945
Witten Spr
Young J. Spr 2075314

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