508th Field Park Company, Royal Engineers

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War Diary

508th Field Park Company, Royal Engineers, War Diary 1939

508th Field Park Company, Royal Engineers, War Diary 1940

To read the Wikipedia article on the history of this unit - originally the Newcastle Engineers - please click here.

Personnel known to have served in the Unit.

As the researcher was unable to gain access to the Army Enlistment Books for this Field Park Company, the only names which have been able to be included in this list are, firsly, those recorded in the War Diary (generally very few) or, secondly, and thanks to the advice of the Enquiry staff at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, those who became casualties while serving with the Unit.

Family members are encouraged to get in touch with us, using the link below, if they are able to supply information to help complate the individual Memorial Pages.

Baldwin Alfred Company Sergeant Major Distinguished Conduct Medal
Barrow Sergeant
Bligh H K H Second Lieutenant
Brown Sergeant
Byers Charles Frederick Major 36390 Died 12/8/1942
Cameron Major
Cole John William Clarke Company Quartermaster Sergeant MM
Crombie Ralph Sergeant 2214359 Died 4/3/1941
Davison Second Lieutenant
Day Lance Sergeant
Dodds Second Lieutenant
Dowling Horace Henry George Company Quartermaster Sergeant 1866569 Died 13/10/1945
Edgar E Second Lieutenant
Edwards Lance Corporal
Giltinan Trevor G. Sapper 3915677 Died 29/4/1945
Hannant Corporal
Jacques E.H. Captain Royal Army Medical Corps
Jenkins Sergeant
Moffatt Sergeant
Nicholson William Graham Lance Corporal 2048881 Died 4/3/1941
Nixon A Captain
Reid Second Lieutenant (attached)
Scott H F N Second Lieutenant
Stokes Theodore William Lance Corporal 14415145 Died 3/9/1944
Thackeray D E Second Lieutenant
Urwin James Lance Sergeant 2028389 Died 25/5/1940
Wake Company Sergeant Major
Wood D R Second Lieutenant