55th (Suffolk Yeomanry) Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery, War Diary June 1944

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1 June 1944 GORLESTON.

2 June 1944

Advance Party 218 Battery leave for marshalling area.

3 June 1944

218 Battery leave for marshalling area.

4 June 1944

218 Battery arrive marshalling area.

5 June 1944

RHQ and 219 Battery leave for marshalling area.

6 June 1944

RHQ and 219 Battery arrive marshalling area. 217 and 220 Batteries leave for marshalling area. 218 Battery embark.

7 June 1944

217 and 220 Batteries arrive marshalling area.

8 June 1944

RHQ and 219 Battery embarked.

10 June 1944

217 and 220 Batteries embarked.

11 June 1944

Ship carrying RHQ and 219 Battery personnel bombed. Direct hit by a glider bomb which did not explode.

12 June 1944 FRANCE.

RHQ and 219 Battery disembark. RHQ established GABRIELLE.

13 - 14 June 1944

217 and 220 Batteries disembark.

15 June 1944

Batteries of Regiment move forward from St GABRIELLE to approximately Carcagny – 3 miles.

16 June 1944

234/73 Anti-Tank Regiment Royal Artillery under command of this Regiment.

17 June 1944

Major W S H PAUL wounded.

18 June 1944

“M” Troop 220 Battery overrun during German counter-attack on the Parcede-BoisLogne, North of Fontenay-Le-Pesnel which was held by the 6th Duke of Wellington’s Regiment. All guns and vehicles lost. 19 Other Ranks missing.

19 June 1944

Captain Parlett, Lieutenants Lott and Aylward posted as reinforcements. Sergeant DOLMAN and five Other Ranks found killed, 2 wounded personnel, 2 guns and 2 vehicles recovered.

9 enemy aircraft flying low over RHQ machine-gunning 15:30 hours. Engaged by neighbouring AA fire.

20 June 1944

An enemy attack over RHQ 18:10 hours. Gunner Morris 218 Battery killed by mortar fire and 1 Other Rank wounded.

25 June 1944

3 Other Ranks killed in action. Lieut J A HOWIE wounded. Major TOMS wounded.

26 June 1944

WS/Lt KIRBY posted as reinforcement and draft of 23.

28 June 1944

198 Battery 73 Anti-Tank Regiment came under command vice 234 Battery 73 Anti-Tank Regiment Royal Artillery.

29 June 1944

Captain CATLING posted as reinforcement – to 215 Battery.

30 June 1944

“H” Troop 219 Anti-Tank Battery engaged JUVIGNY Church Spire and Chateau with 17 pdrs and hit both.

Under the Catalogue Reference A70 59-9 within the Imperial War Museum's Film Archive is a sequence showing Carriers from the 10th Battalion DLI returning to Fontenay-le-Pesnel from the front line around Rauray, together with a Section digging-in near the Cheux-Vendes/Fontenay/Rauray crossroads with a Hitlerjugend Panther tank wrecked nearby. The wreck of an M10 Achilles Tank Destroyer of the 55th Anti-Tank Regiment can also be seen.

The description of the film can be read here though the film itself cannot be accessed on-line.

Appendices attached to June 1944 War Diary.

Field Return of Other Ranks dated 3 June 1944.

This summary shows 685 men against an establishment of 684, with one Sergeant and two Gunners surplus and a deficit of two Bombardiers.

The list of men whose return to the unit was specifically requested (these were men in hospital) listed four names – these have all been included on the personnel list.

Field Return of Officers 17 June 1944.

This summary shows 35 Officers present against a War Establishment of 34 – there being one Lieutenant surplus.

The detailed return lists all Officers with the Regiment as at 17 June 1944, with Regimental numbers, ranks, roles and dates in post.

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