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[[Corthorn H REME 2/Lt]] <br>
[[Corthorn H REME 2/Lt]] <br>
[[Davidson Robert Fulton 2/Lt 181941]] <br>
[[Davidson Robert Fulton 2/Lt 181941]] <br>
[[Davies K H T/Captain REME, 277365.]] <br>
[[Davies Kenneth Harold T/Captain REME 277365.]] <br>
[[Duthie A REME 2/Lt]] <br>
[[Duthie A REME 2/Lt]] <br>
[[Gregory E RAOC Captain]] <br>
[[Gregory E RAOC Captain]] <br>

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70th Brigade, Workshop Company, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, War Diary.

Arising from the Army-wide reorganisation from 1st October 1942, the provision of vehicle maintenance functions was transferred, along with the relevant personnel, from the Royal Army Ordnance Corps to the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. This War Diary, therefore, can be seen to follow on from that of the Brigade Ordnance Company, which can be found here.

Brigade Workshop Company - War Diary 1942.

Brigade Workshop Company - War Diary 1943.

Brigade Workshop Company - War Diary 1944.

Personnel known to have served in the Unit.

Adkins L REME Dvr 10584134
Bowers J REME Captain
Brownless S/Sgt
Clarke RAOC Lt
Clarke L REME 2/Lt
Collings William Alfred T/Major REME, 67425.
Corthorn H REME 2/Lt
Davidson Robert Fulton 2/Lt 181941
Davies Kenneth Harold T/Captain REME 277365.
Duthie A REME 2/Lt
Gregory E RAOC Captain
Laidler W W RAOC Captain
Mash E L REME 2/Lt
Noble James Dunman T/Captain 87250
Parke G M RAOC Pte 10583812
Pearce S T/Captain REME, 273570.
Phillips H M M T/Captain REME, 169770.
Townsend F J Lt
Turnbull Philip 2/Lt 185531
Tyack F G T/Captain REME, 71472.

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