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[[Gandy A W Corporal 2002103]] <br>
[[Gandy A W Corporal 2002103]] <br>
[[Geddes D B Sapper 1881562]] <br>
[[Geddes D B Sapper 1881562]] <br>
[[Gentle Douglas F]] <br>
[[Grimsdell James Roland Major 94442]] <br>
[[Grimsdell James Roland Major 94442]] <br>
[[Harris Geoffrey Hatfield Lieutenant 265431]] <br>
[[Harris Geoffrey Hatfield Lieutenant 265431]] <br>

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War Diary of the 756th Field Company, Royal Engineers.

War Diary 756th Field Company, Royal Engineers, 1942.

War Diary 756th Field Company, Royal Engineers, 1943.

War Diary 756th Field Company, Royal Engineers, 1944.

As explained in respect of the other Royal Engineer units, the loss of the Army Enlistment Books meant that very little information was available on the men who served in the unit. Family members who are willing to share information are strongly encoouraged to get in touch with the researchers, using the link below, to help with completing the individual Memorial Pages.

Personnel known to have served in the Unit.

Ancil Albert Joseph Sapper 5393486 Died 12/4/1945
Bowen F H Sapper 2132325
Bradley R Sapper 2149752
Brown Roy Lieutenant 177362
Brown W A Sapper 14525222
Burdett Arthur Graham Second Lieutenant 130513 George Medal See also 294th Field Company
Clark Fred Driver 2005858 Died 16/6/1944
Clarke A E Second Lieutenant
Clewes J B Company Sergeant Major 2072628
Colborne J Major
Cook John Sapper 5127714 Died 26/8/1944
Dent C Sapper 14432675
Drew Gordon George Lieutenant 277774
Elliott Joseph Corporal 2138858 Died 7/8/1944
Elliott W Sapper 2132568
Field W Sapper 2132752
Gander Lieutenant
Gandy A W Corporal 2002103
Geddes D B Sapper 1881562
Gentle Douglas F
Grimsdell James Roland Major 94442
Harris Geoffrey Hatfield Lieutenant 265431
Harris Godfrey Francis Lieutenant 299874
Higton Kenneth Lieutenant 256831
Hart G Sapper 2132336
Hind Francis Jack Lance Corporal 14342658 Died 25/11/1944
Hulin S F Lance Sergeant 2132338
Iles George Sapper 2132339 Died 26/8/1944
Jackson F J Corporal 1885636
Johnson Jack Alfred Sapper 14646483 Died 28/8/1944
Jones C Sapper 4928972
Keeper Company Quarter Master Sergeant See also 289th Field Park Company
Lakin Sapper
Lowery G F Corporal 2131812
Mansfield Sergeant 1873943
Masters L F 2132321
McCawley P R Lieutenant
McGaw D J Second Lieutenant
McKie John McNee Driver 14790317 Died 8/1/1945
Metcalfe Sapper
Miller W Lance Sergeant 1575395
Milligan Sapper
Oglesby David Second Lieutenant 232108
Paterson John Mower Alexander Lieutenant 222690
Powell J J Corporal 1895673
Pryce Tom Swain Captain 151510
Rae A M Driver 2005725
Robertson J F Lance Corporal
Robson John Lance Corporal 2132466 Died 27/6/1944
Thomson George Deans Lance Corporal 2125132 Died 11/9/1944
Toomer H E T Second Lieutenant See also 289 Field Park Company
Wells George Sapper 5393637
Wilks Albert Edward Sapper 2132323 Died 12/9/1944
Willis Frederick Raymond Sapper 4929044 Died 22/6/1944
Wilson W G M Second Lieutenant 226309
Wright David Leslie Lance Corporal 2041267 Died 17/6/1944

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