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[[Holman Wilfred Gunner 14587191]] <br>
[[Holman Wilfred Gunner 14587191]] <br>
[[Homer E C Captain 184095]] <br>
[[Homer E C Captain 184095]] <br>
[[Hope Percy James Gunner 1479517]] <br>
[[Houchin L F 2nd Lieutenant 207704]] <br>
[[Houchin L F 2nd Lieutenant 207704]] <br>
[[Howell R W W Captain 151965]] <br>
[[Howell R W W Captain 151965]] <br>

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The 11th Battalion of the Buffs (East Kent Regiment) was formed in October 1940 as part of the expansion of the Territorial Army and was alsmost immediately (November 1940) converted to become the 89th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery.

The 89th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment was part of the 49th Division, and therefore associated with 70th Infantry Brigade, from 29th December 1942. The War Diary was photographed for the period 1943 - January 1944. The only material on file for January 1944 is some of the Field Returns. It seems that the usual War Diary pages for the remainder of 1944, including up to the period when the 70th Infantry Brigade was disbanded, were missing from the file at The National Archives at Kew - though further enquiries will be made.

89th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery - War Diary 1943.

89th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery - War Diary January 1944.

Personnel known to have served in the Regiment.

Adams E A C 2nd Lieutenant
Adams H 2nd Lieutenant 207607
Allen D W Lieutenant REME
Ashcroft Dick Gunner
Aston A J K Captain
Bevis R 2nd Lieutenant 207657
Bickersteth J M Lieutenant 186958
Blair A F Captain
Blaxland William Gregory Lieutenant 95239
Bossom C Major 73688
Brackenbury B H Captain 161396
Bromfield L 2nd Lieutenant
Byfield F R S Reverend (Chaplain to the Forces 4th Class)
Castle K 2nd Lieutenant
Champion P Sergeant 1284467
Charnley G R Lieutenant 222339
Cole Harry Gunner 6293048
Cole J R Lieutenant 157806
Collins V Captain 85873
Colyer Frederick Samuel Gunner 6284886
Connelley G F 2nd Lieutenant 207172
Cooper Leslie Gunner 6289881
Copsey Arthur McLellan Gunner 6293049
Cory H C Lieutenant Colonel 20169
Cossons Arthur James Gunner 6292589
Couchman Edward Gunner 6292590
Cox Frank Gunner 6292953
Davies Trevor Gunner 3969524
Dawes R J M Lieutenant 90734
Deacon Thomas William Gunner 6293056
Denton F 2nd Lieutenant
Douch Harold George Gunner 6292961
Edney Jack Stanley Gunner 6292594
Edwards B P Lieutenant 184434
Elliot R C Major
Emms H M Captain 138682
Evans Kenneth Reginald Gunner 6291523
Eves Alfred Henry Gunner 6290312
Fagence Walter Leslie Gunner 6293499
Fairbrace Cecil Edward Gunner 6287164
File Harold John Gunner 6288438
Firth J B 2nd Lieutenant
Fitzgibbon Lionel William Gunner 6291805
Ford John Gunner 6283465
Foster Ernest George Gunner 6292598
Fowler Alfred Ernest Gunner 6292966
Fowler Gordon George Gunner 6290001
Fuller Horace William 6292969
Gardiner John Henry Gunner 6291892
Garman J E Captain
George Glyn Gunner 6291810
Ghazilian G F 2nd Lieutenant
Gilbert-Lodge M L J Lieutenant 177504
Gisby Edward Festubert Mons Gunner 6286129
Gittings R J Captain
Glynn John George Gunner 6291537
Goatham George Albert Gunner 6292601
Goodrun Arthur Edward Gunner 5832999
Grace Frederick Ernest Gunner 6289913
Grant James Gunner 6292603
Gray Cyril Edward Gunner 6289094
Griggs William Alwood Gunner 6291681
Hall Harry N. Gunner 6281909
Harrison J A Lieutenant 180051
Harvey S G Gunner 6291817
Headland P A 2nd Lieutenant 207710
Hilsdon William Horley Gunner 2064333
Hinchley Keith Gordon Gunner 11254904
Hobbs Maurice Edwin Gunner 14349131
Hogben George Austin Gunner 796784
Hoile Frederick John Gunner 6297233
Holford William Gunner 6291548
Holman Wilfred Gunner 14587191
Homer E C Captain 184095
Hope Percy James Gunner 1479517
Houchin L F 2nd Lieutenant 207704
Howell R W W Captain 151965
Hunter D S Major 63523
Johnson G E 2nd Lieutenant
Keane R M Lieutenant 197093
Kemp R F Major
Kinloch J F 2nd Lieutenant
Knight J W A 2nd Lieutenant
Lafford D E Lieutenant 229724
Leates M Captain
Mackness C L Captain
Marcy R N Captain 156126
McGuffie J R 2nd Lieutenant
Miller K A J Captain 182821
Morgan F de R Captain 112890
Nicholls H J Lieutenant 174152
Paddick H W 2nd Lieutenant 207700
Parkinson N 2nd Lieutenant 247711
Persson J 2nd Lieutenant
Renwick J Lieutenant RAMC
Rissen J J Lieutenant 134065
Robson A W Reverend (Chaplain to the Forces 4th Class)
Rogers A C Gunner 6273106
Shakespeare J E 2nd Lieutenant
Simpson R S Major 174122
Skinner R B Major 75098
Smith P J A Lieutenant 334345
St John E R G Major
Taylor N A Lieutenant 182032
Townend J A Lieutenant (QM)
Tweedy R S Lieutenant RAMC
Walker K S W 2nd Lieutenant
Wallace J Captain
Whitmore H Lieutenant 236574
Woodall H G Reverend (Chaplain to the Forces 4th Class)

The Field Return from which the Service Numbers were drawn is a very blurred copy of the document so these numbers are not to be relied on, and will be subject to further research as time permits.

For detailed and reliable information on British Artillery in World War Two, the interested reader is advised to consult Nigel Evans' Website at http://nigelef.tripod.com/

Sincere thanks are due to Nigel for his agreement to allowing this hyperlink to be put in place.

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