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[[Howcroft Leonard Private 14323371]] <br>
[[Howcroft Leonard Private 14323371]] <br>
[[Howe Edward Private 6354365]] <br>
[[Howe Edward Private 6354365]] <br>
[[Johnson Thomas Lance Corporal 3530673]] <br>
[[Keeling Joseph Private 3531873]] <br>
[[Kelly Patrick Private 14537999]] <br>
[[Kendall Gordon Edward Lance Corporal 5621247]] <br>
[[Kenworthy James Lance Corporal 3531565]] <br>
[[Knight Reginald Private 11426134]] <br>
[[Knowles Percy Private 3529906]] <br>
[[Lacy Joseph Private 3532029]] <br>
[[Lee Herbert Private 3529815]] <br>
[[Maile Herbert Private 3513516]] <br>
[[Moores Kenneth Private 3537055]] <br>
[[Moores Tom Sergeant 3527151]] <br>
[[Moss Thomas Edward Private 3657506]] <br>
[[Murray Robert Private 118412]] <br>
[[McPherson Malcolm Walter Leonard Lance Corporal 3525730]] <br>
[[Nixon Kenneth Broomfield Lieutenant 265906]] <br>
[[O'Connor Richard Private 3529082]] <br>
[[Owen Joseph Griffith Lance Corporal 3532371]] <br>
[[Parker George Herbert Private 3532311]] <br>
[[Parsons Leslie Lewis Private 5621093]] <br>
[[Pridham Edward Sergeant 3528999]] <br>
[[Rainger Norman Private 3861869]] <br>
[[Richards Bryn Private 7943457]] <br>
[[Richards Thomas Corporal 3532334]] <br>
[[Rossall Richard Private 3532167]] <br>
[[Roughley Ernest Lance Sergeant 3859396]] <br>
[[Slack James Robinson Private 3530886]] <br>
[[Souter Henry Private 14665875]] <br>
[[Stanley Tom Private 3530467]] <br>
[[Stubbs Robert Eric Private 3532351]] <br>
[[Taylor Bernard Private 3532352]] <br>

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Unit Details

Name: 1st Manchester
Abbreviation: 9th


To read the Wikipedia page on the Regiment please click here.

War Diary

Unfortunately, the exercise to collect and collate the War Diary for this unit, limited to the period with which it was in contact with 70th Infantry Brigade, was unsuccessful.

Further research will be necessary at a future point to trace and document those War Diaries. The only period held on file is from April to December 1943 - during which the Battalion was part of 54 Division for most of the time and associated with 163rd Brigade.

Personnel Records for 1st Manchester

No personnel have been listed as yet from the 1943 War Diary, but, thanks to the advanced search protocols now available from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, it has been possible to extract a list of Regimental casualties. These have been listed below but include those identified as 9th Battalion and 1/9th Battalion but not those identified as from 2/9th Battalion. As will be seen from the Wikipedia article the 2/9th Battalion - a duplicate of the 1/9th Battalion - was converted in 1941 to become the 88th Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery, so the casualties listed as being from that Battalion will be added to those from the 88th Anti-Tank Regiment.

Anderton Horace Private 3527854
Ashford John Vernon Corporal 3530651
Barnes James Henry Sergeant 3534517
Blenkinsop Frederick James Private 3452838
Booth Norman Private 3532054
Bowman Sidney Private 3532233
Brown Thomas Henry Private 3512752
Burdekin Henry Private 3530876
Card Harry Leslie Private 7918337
Carter Alexander Private 4132344
Connell Lawrence Corporal 3531801
Cook William John Private 5112162
Cookson Harry Private 3534619
Cording George Albert Private 3527045
Dams William Henry Lance Corporal 3858502
Delahunty James Wilfred Private 3532489
Derham-Reid James Benjamin Roscoe Major 58183
Dodgshon Geoffrey Captain 262489
Donovan Stanley Private 3532329
Downhill Albert Private 14229297
Fletcher Brian Private 3529246
Goodier John Edward Private 4131067
Griffin George Private 3533244
Halliday John Corporal 4130582
Harrison Alfred Private 3526027
Hillson Robert Private 3529086
Howard Charles Private 3532388
Howcroft Leonard Private 14323371
Howe Edward Private 6354365
Johnson Thomas Lance Corporal 3530673
Keeling Joseph Private 3531873
Kelly Patrick Private 14537999
Kendall Gordon Edward Lance Corporal 5621247
Kenworthy James Lance Corporal 3531565
Knight Reginald Private 11426134
Knowles Percy Private 3529906
Lacy Joseph Private 3532029
Lee Herbert Private 3529815
Maile Herbert Private 3513516
Moores Kenneth Private 3537055
Moores Tom Sergeant 3527151
Moss Thomas Edward Private 3657506
Murray Robert Private 118412
McPherson Malcolm Walter Leonard Lance Corporal 3525730
Nixon Kenneth Broomfield Lieutenant 265906
O'Connor Richard Private 3529082
Owen Joseph Griffith Lance Corporal 3532371
Parker George Herbert Private 3532311
Parsons Leslie Lewis Private 5621093
Pridham Edward Sergeant 3528999
Rainger Norman Private 3861869
Richards Bryn Private 7943457
Richards Thomas Corporal 3532334
Rossall Richard Private 3532167
Roughley Ernest Lance Sergeant 3859396
Slack James Robinson Private 3530886
Souter Henry Private 14665875
Stanley Tom Private 3530467
Stubbs Robert Eric Private 3532351
Taylor Bernard Private 3532352