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This was the first location of Brigade HQ in Iceland and housed the Brigadier, his staff and the supporting troops, as well as huts used for vehicle maintenance, recreation and dining. The first photographs set out below were taken in 1940/1941 and are from the collection of the author's late father, who was a member of the Transport Section and generally drove the Brigadier on his various visits to Brigade locations and to meetings at Iceland Force HQ, as well as to exercise locations.

The later photographs show the village in 2010. At the time of our first visit to Iceland some years earlier, several of the HQ huts, including one which had been the Transport sleeping quarters, were still standing - a fact which amazed my father! By 2010 the space was occupied by a small housing development, including a childrens' playground. I hope the Brigade staff would have been pleased to see, as we did, swings and roundabouts in use on what had been their HQ area in 1941.

Brigadier Kirkup with Humber Snipe staff car April 1941
L/Cpl Dixon with Humber Snipe staff car April 1941
Brigade HQ staff January 1941
Brigade HQ Transport Section 1941

JLD Hills near Alafoss
JLD Buildings on original Camp Area
JLD Housing development 1
JLD Housing development 2
JLD Main street Alafoss - 1
JLD Main street Alafoss - 2

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