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Personnel Entry

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Name McDermott Philip
Army number 4444879
Rank Sergeant.
Decorations None yet known beyond service medals.
Date of birth Born 12/4/1904 Brandon, County Durham. Birth registered Q2 1904.
Age 54 at the time of his death.
Unit Enlisted in The Durham Light Infantry on 4/8/1925, aged 21, at Durham, as a Regular Soldier for 7/5. Postings to Battalion(s) are not yet known, until he was posted to 10th Battalion DLI - probably on 1/9/1939. Served B.E.F.? Served Iceland? Transferred to the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers on 11/10/1942 and posted to the 30th Battalion. Relegated to the CLass Z Reserve 20/11/1946 Div. B/A 42.
Company/Battery Not yet known.
Platoon or other sub-unit
Task or role Not yet known.
Joined Brigade Not yet known for certain but probably 1/9/1939 or shortly thereafter.
Promotions No details yet.
Wounded Not as far as is known.
Prisoner of War Not as far as is known.
Died/Killed in action Died December 1958. Death registered Q4 1958 at Eton, Buckinghamshire. (Various family members appeared to have moved to this area).
Home address Father- Herbert Dolan McDermott (1866 - 1947), mother - Catherine Donoghue (1866 - 1942). At the time of the 1911 Census he was living in Middlesbrough with his aunt and uncle. Employed as a Miner and lived at Brandon. Married Eleanor (Ellen) Annie Figgoa (1908 - 1999) in June 1928 at Newcastle.
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Genealogical research implies that Sgt McDermott's brother, 2/Lt Edward McDermott was killed in France on 12/4/1918 while serving in the 10th Battalion, East Yorkshire Regiment, and is buried at Outtersteene Communal Cemtery Extension in Grave IV.B.53.

An acknowledgment is due to the RNF Museum for information drawn from the Enlistment Books.