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Personnel Entry

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Name Roberts Charles William Hammond
Army number 4442217
Rank Sergeant
Date of birth 12/3/1905, Sunderland.
Unit Enlisted in The Durham Light Infantry in Sunderland 25/9/1922 - TA - 4 years, aged 18 and six months. Posted to 7th Battalion. Discharged 26/8/1925 on joining the Regular Army - Highland Light Infantry 27/8/1925. Documents to Hamilton 1/9/1925. Re-enlisted in the Royal Artillery. Posted to 125th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery. Posted to Infantry Training Centre, Highland Light Infantry, Glasgow, 24/2/1940.
Platoon or other sub-unit
Task or role
Joined Brigade
Prisoner of War
Died/Killed in action Death registered March 1972, Sunderland, aged 67.
Home address 27, Maple Street, Sunderland. Father - John Thomas Roberts - painter at brewery. Mother - Alice Jane Roberts. Apprentice plumber at the time of his original enlistment. Married to Vera Chapman, Q4 1969, Sunderland.
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