Southern Command

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Southern Command


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War Diary for the period June 1940 – August 1940

25 June 1940

An Operations Message - no.363 - from The War Office was received at Brigade HQ and this instructed that, as part of the process of dismantling and disbanding the Labour Divisions which had joined the British Expeditionary Force in April 1940 – in this case 23rd Division – the 70th Infantry Brigade would be designated as an Independent Infantry Brigade.

This included the introduction of a specific badge for the Brigade which was apparently intended for use as a designatory sleeve badge pending the return to 49th Division. The insignia can be found at the centre of the badges at the head of the Main Page of this Website. It is understood to be relatively rare in the field of militaria collecting.

July – August 1940

There were no further mentions of 70th Infantry Brigade in the Southern Command War Diary over this period. This may have been because the Brigade was subordinate to The War Office and received their orders and instructions direct.

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