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Name Taylor Thomas William
Army number 1469827
Rank Gunner.
Decorations None known beyond normal Service Awards, covering North West Europe.
Date of birth 16/6/1921, probably at Frodsham - mother's maiden surname, Percival.
Age 53 at the time of his death.
Unit Enlisted in the Royal Artillery 10/7/1939. Underwent Basic Training. Posted to the Orkney Heavy Regiment 25/3/1940. Posted to the 534th (Orkney) Coast Regiment 22/9/1940. Posted to the 143rd Coast Battery - Stromness - 2/6/1941. Posted to the 307th Coast Battery 15/7/1941. Posted to the 143rd Coast Battery 8/11/1941. Spell in 33rd General Hospital, Peebles, 20/7/1942 to 16/8/1042. Spell in King's Cross Hospital, Dundee 23/10/1942 to 11/11/1942. Attended Course in Sanitary Duties at Army School of Hygiene, Wytchete from 2nd to 12th November 1943 - Passed. Posted to the 55th Anti-Tank Regiment 30/12/1943. Embarked from the UK 9/6/1944. Served Normandy and North West Europe. Spell in 160th Advanced Dressing Station 21/8/1944 to 23/8/1944 during which he was on X List (II). Admitted to Number 17 Field Dressing Station 18/9/1944 and added to X List (II). Discharged from Number 32 Casualty Clearing Station to the 55th Anti-Tank Regiment 21/9/1944. Further spell in Number 17 Field Dressing Station - admission date not known - and discharged and taken off the X (II) List 18/2/1945. Awarded 15 Days Field Punishment and forfeiture of pay 9/7/1945 for being Absent without Authorised Leave. Posted to 46 Holding Unit - X (II) List BAOR - 10/4/1946. Returned to the UK. Y Release 27/5/1946. Section B Reserve 14/8/1946. Class A Release. Demobilised. Class Z Reserve 9/7/1951.
Company/Battery 143rd Coast, 307th Coast.
Platoon or other sub-unit Not yet known.
Task or role Gunnery duties. Sanitary Duties following completion of his Course.
Joined Brigade 30/12/1943.
Promotions Upgraded to Class 1A with effect from 10/12/1942 after three years' service.
Wounded Not so far as is known - spells in ADS and CCS may have been illness or woundings - records do not include that detail.
Prisoner of War Not so far as is known.
Died/Killed in action Died 8/12/1974 aged 53.
Home address Lived at Frodsham - Volunteer Street - and worked as a Farm Labourer. Next of kin on enlistment - father - William Taylor. Married Helen Frances Reddichan (widow) on 8/8/1941. Subsequently resident in Dundee.
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