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Eighth Corps


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War Diary for the period August – October 1940.

August 1940

8 Corps was formed in mid-July 1940. The first Commander was Lt Gen FRANKLYN from 4th Division.

3 August 1940

Commander 8 Corps assumed operational control of the Corps Area with 70th Brigade under operational command.

The Corps was made responsible for the defence of Cornwall, Devon and Somerset, and given operational control of all troops in the Corps Area except reserves.

70th Infantry Brigade was under the operational command of 8 Corps together with 48th Division.

19 August 1940

70th Brigade took part in a War Office Exercise/Divisional Supply Exercise.

20 August 1940

8 Corps was instructed to take up new positions as a result of the German invasion of France etc.

At the end of August 70th Infantry Brigade was warned to expect to be moved to an overseas destination in early September.

5 September 1940

70 Brigade remained in the area, less 10th DLI – it was agreed that the Brigade would hand over its responsibilities within the area to 102 Royal Marine Brigade. The change was actioned on the 15th September 1940.

15 September 1940

Brigade HQ was moved from to DENBURY to NEWTON ABBOT.

16 September 1940

1st Tyneside Scottish moved to TOTNES. 11th DLI moved to DENBURY. (10th DLI had been earmarked as the Advance Party for the move to Iceland).

Late September 1940

A Corps Medical Exercise was carried out – 70th Brigade was not involved.

October 1940

70th Brigade proceeded overseas – (Iceland).

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