War Diary of the 1st Mountain Regiment February 1942.

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2 February 1942

Rear Party of 1st Winter Camp returned to Edinburgh by road.

3 February 1942

Captain J A Betteley posted from 452 Mountain Battery to 166th Field Regiment.

4 February 1942

Captain M F Berry relinquishes appointment as Adjutant and inter-Regimentally posted to 452 Battery.

Lieut J D Bayley promoted Captain and assumed command of Regimental Ammunition Column.

Lieut H R Peyton appointed Adjutant vice Captain M F Berry.

6 February 1942

Horse No. 1281 R.C.S. Section attached destroyed – Septic Arthritis in hock.

9 February 1942

Visit of Inspector Royal Artillery – Brigadier C Findlay, Major ?, Brigadier J Wedderburn-Maxwell. Composite Battery from 451 and 452 Batteries made Arctic Camp in jumping field and were inspected in full arctic clothing and equipment.

10 February 1942

Lt Col J V D Radford attends Force 110 Exercise.

12 February 1942

Advance Party for 2nd Winter Camp left for Dalwhinnie by road.

14 February 1942

Detachment RHQ, ½ Ammunition Column and 451 Battery entrained for Dalwhinnie Camp to carry out training under snow conditions.

15 February 1942

452 Battery, ½ Ammunition Column and Signal Section entrained for Winter Camp at Dalwhinnie.

First Party arrived Dalwhinnie 08:00 hours. Beautiful day – sunshine and sharp frost – made camp on West side Loch Ericht.

Inspector Royal Artillery Brigadier C Findlay visited Camp and inspected animal lines and tent lines etc.

16 February 1942

Sharp frost – brilliant sunshine. 452 and ½ Ammunition Column and Signal Section arrived Dalwhinnie – camped – Left Section and Battery HQ on West bank and Right Section on East Bank of Loch Ericht.

Brigadier C Findlay watched 451 Battery break camp and march out in Pack.

17 February 1942

C.O. and Adjutant visited 12th Canadian Forestry Company and saw unit operating North of Kingussie. 451 and 452 Batteries moved camp.

18 February 1942

Light fall of snow. RHQ and Ammunition Column moved camp to Dromochter Lodge area.

19 February 1942

451 and 452 Batteries moved camp to Dromochter Lodge area.

23 February 1942

Tactical march including exercise of mountain warfare tactics made by complete detachment of the Regiment from Dromochter to Alder Lodge.

24 February 1942

Both Batteries fired approximately 50 rounds and moved camp 5 miles further South on West bank Loch Ericht.

25 February 1942

Complete detachment marched to new camp area 2 miles North East of Loch Rannoch.

All “B” Echelon – cooks etc – left behind as all ranks issued with 48 hours Mess Tin ration.

26 February 1942

451 Battery fired approximately 20 rounds and detachment marched back to camp at Ben Alder Lodge, Southern-most point of Loch Ericht.

27 February 1942

First bad weather – wet snow. Detachment marched back to Ben Alder Lodge area. Dried clothing etc by fires lit in snow.

28 February 1942

Brilliant day – Brigadier Wedderburn-Maxwell arrived and watched 451 and 452 Batteries shooting.

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