War Diary of the 1st Mountain Regiment June 1942.

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3 June 1942 – Penrhyndeudraeth.

39 Other Ranks posted away.

4 June 1942

DADV and RS (Deputy Assistant Director of Veterinary and Remount Services?) inspection of all animals.

8 – 12 June 1942

Troop Drill orders for C.O.

16 June 1942

C.I.C. Branston visited unit and discussed special clothing problems.

17 June 1942 – Weedon.

C.O. visited detachment at Weedon.

18 June 1942 – Weedon.

DADV & RS inspection of animals. C.O. returned to North Wales.

20 June 1942 – Penrhyndeudraeth.

Major Luard – Official War Artist – arrived for short stay with Regiment to make drawings of animals, men, etc.

22 June 1942

D Troop 452 Mountain Battery and A Troop 451 Mountain Battery ascended Snowdon.

B Troop 451 Mountain Battery ascended Cuicht – aerial photographs were taken by RAF. In each case guns were put into action on the summit.

23 June 1942

Captain Turk RAOC visited Regiment to discuss McClellan(? d) saddlery.

24 June 1942

C Troop 454 Mountain Battery climbed Cruicht – guns in action on the summit.

25 June 1942

13 horses and 24 mules surplus to War Establishment returned to Remounts.

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