War Diary of the 1st Mountain Regiment November 1942.

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1 November 1942 – Muir of Ord.

C.O. departed for War Office to discuss new War Establishment etc.

7 November 1942

C.O. returned from War Office where decision had been made to form two Regiments of two Batteries each.

7 – 8 November 1942

Royal Artillery Mounted Band visited and played for Regimental Concert, dance and Church Parade.

18 November 1942

Commander Royal Artillery, 52nd Division visited the Regiment, attended Church Parade and inspected accommodation.

19 – 22 November 1942

C.O. attended Scottish Command Study Period.

24 November 1942

General Sir George Corry visited Regiment and inspected stables etc.

30 November 1942

Promotions and inter-Regimental postings prior to formation of 3rd Mountain Regiment of 453 and 454 Mountain Batteries.

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