70th Brigade Ordnance Company, Royal Army Ordnance, War Diary - July 1942

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War Diary of 70th Brigade Ordnance Workshop Company RAOC July 1942

3 to 10 July 1942 Home

Unit in process of forming under Det. Base Ordnance Depot, Abermarlais Park, Llangadoch.

11 July 1942

Temporary Captain J D Noble (87250) posted to Unit to fill vacancy of Major. Reference Number 112/Ord/1478 (A.T.9) List Number 637 dated 7 July 1942 joined Unit.

DADME (Deputy Assistant Director Mechanical Engineering) 49 Division, Major H R Bridger visited Unit to inspect training.

14 July 1942

14:00 hours. Thirty-five Other Ranks inoculated – T.A.B. and T.T.

15 July 1942

16:00 hours. Fordson 30cwt trucks taken on charge from Vehicle Replacement Depot, CIRENCESTER.

16 July 1942

14:00 hours. Thirty Other Ranks inoculated – T.A.B. and T.T. Inoculations completed to date.

18:00 hours. Fordson 15cwt G.S. trucks taken on charge from 28 Vehicle Replacement Depot, GOPSALL.

17 July 1942

16:00 hours. Warning Order to move unit to HEREFORD RACE COURSE on or about 20 July 1942 received from SUB. DIST. CAMARTHEN.

18 July 1942

17:00 hours. DADME 49 Division visited Unit to inspect training.

20 July 1942

12:00 hours. Movement Orders from WESTCO (Western Command) reference G.398 dated 19 July 1942. Advance posting 1 Officer and 20 Other Ranks to move HEREFORD RACE COURSE 21 July, Main Party to move 23 July.

21 July 1942

09:00 hours. Major J D Noble and 20 Other Ranks left by road for HEREFORD.

12:00 hours. Advance Party arrived HEREFORD RACE COURSE.

22 July 1942

15:00 hours. 2/Lieut R F DAVIDSON (181941) joined. Authority 112/Ord/1478 (AG9) dated 23 July 1942. List Number 649, to fill vacancy of Captain.

23 July 1942

12:30 hours. Main Party arrived HEREFORD RACE COURSE having moved by rail from LLANGADOCK. 90 Other Ranks under command Lieut F J TOWNSEND, an attached Officer.

24 July 1942

12:30 hours. ADOS 49 Division, Lt Col PHILPOTTS, visited camp site.

27 July 1942

Training Programme put into operation. Copy attached to War Diary marked No.1.

06:30 hours. Civil sirens sounded “ALERT”. Three minutes later a single enemy aircraft dropped three bombs two or three miles away.

06:45 hours. “All Clear” sounded on Civil sirens.

28 July 1942

15:00 hours. AA & QMG 49 Division, Lt Col MASON, visited camp site.

29 July 1942

14:30 hours. ADMS 49 Division, Col RUSBY, visited camp site.

30 July 1942

09:00 hours. 4 Fitters Motor Vehicle, 1 Electrician, 5 Driver/Mechanics, 2 Fitters (Gas), 1 Turner – total of 13 Tradesmen attached for duty to REME Workshops HEREFORD to assist workshops and also ascertain capabilities of tradesmen.

Appendices attached to War Diary

No. 1 – Training Programme.

No copy of this document is held – either it was not photographed at National Archives (an omission by the researcher due to time pressure), or did not survive to be included in the file.

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