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As part of a "Follow-up" Division in the assault on Europe, the Brigade landed a week after the main D-Day Landings in mid-JUne 1944 and fought in a series of tough engagements until, as apparently planned beforehand, it was one of the Units disbanded to provide reinforcements for other formations - ceasing to exist as a fighting formation at the end of August 1944. Troops from the Brigade went on to serve in other front-line Divisions and, as explained in the Website, were broadly kept together as Company-sized groups of transferees to other Battalions - mostly of the DLI and the Black Watch - though some went to other Regiments, such as the Cameronians.

The list of Brigade locations is set out below and, again, the pages are used to house the photographs taken on the research visit, as well as Wikipedia pages where available. THis will inevitably take some time to set up in full, but it will be completed as soon as possible.