125th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery

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Introduction and background

For a short history of the Regiment readers are referred to the War Memorials dedicated to 125th Anti-Tank Regiment (which the Field Regiment became as is described in the War Diary) which can be found on the North East War Memorials Website at references S140.006, S140.140 and S140.147. The names listed in these Memorial files are being incorporated into the Manpower list below.

The period for which the War Diary is documented here covers that part of the Second World War when the Regiment was associated with 70th Infantry Brigade and concludes at the time - June 1940 - when the Brigade became Independent and was stationed in the far South-West of the UK.

The Field Regiment went on to other duties and, as mentioned, was converted to an Anti-Tank Regiment and was sent to the Far East. Readers wishing to study that period of the Regiment's existence are recommended to consult the Far East Prisoners of War resources on the Internet. and the material held by the Royal Artillery Museum.

In addition, the archive of the Imperial War Museum holds a copy of the Unit's War Diary for January and February 1942, covering the arrival at Singapore and their eventual capture. This can be accessed here.

Almost 200 members of the Regiment died as Prisoners of War in Japanese hands in the three and a half years following their capture at Singapore, where they served as Infantry - their guns and equipment having been lost when their troop transport was attacked and sunk by Japanese aircraft just short of Singapore.

Many of those casualties perished at sea when the cargo ships carrying them to work in Japan were sunk by Allied ships, submarines or aircraft, the vessels not being marked, as required by International Law, to show that they were transporting Prisoners of War.

Links are included from this page to the Commonwealth War Graves Website pages covering the relevant Cemeteries in the Far East - some of which were visited by the lead researcher and his wife on a trip to Thailand some years ago, or, in the case of the Sai Wan War Cemetery, when they worked in Hong Kong in the late 1990s.

Where men were lost at sea, or have no known grave, details will be included as appropriate on their personal pages as to where they are commemorated. Those men who survived the Japanese Prison Camps and returned home will be identified, again, on their personal pages linked from the list below.

It is hoped that our attempt to include all the names from the Regimental Memorials, and combine those with the material extracted from the War Diaries, represents a suitably respectful presentation, and indeed further Memorial, to the names of those who served and died with the Regiment, many of whom came from the Sunderland area.

A considerable debt is due to the "Children of Far East Prisoners of War" organisation whose search facilities and database provided a significant amount of information to add to that gleaned from the Regimental History and the specific War Memorials mentioned above. Their excellent Website can be found here.

Additional "family" material on the individuals is always welcome and can be supplied using the contact details given on the Website Main Page, or via the e-mail link at the foot of each page on the Unit.

War Diary

125th Field Regiment, War Diary 1939

125th Field Regiment, War Diary 1940

Personnel Records for 125th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery.

Adams Albert G Lance Bombardier 1087605
Adey J Bombardier 923029
Ainsley James W Gunner 917049
Aird Arthur Gunner 913431
Aird John Leslie Gunner 902524
Akien J Gunner 916770
Alcock George Gunner 913856
Alderton Edward Arthur Gunner 1094125
Allan Charles Fairbridge Sergeant 916815
Allan Frank Gunner 901935
Allen Eric Raymond Gunner 901871
Allen George Gunner 913661
Allen W Gunner 917050
Allman Wilfred John Gunner 1572544
Amour George Gunner 944337
Amura Samuel Gunner 1558339
Anderson W Gunner 929139
Annis George Osborne Gunner 1104610
Applebee Edward Lance Bombardier 1558340
Archibald J Bombardier 918467
Armstrong F Gunner 925604
Arnold William Gunner 902424
Arter Harry Ernest Gunner 1558127
Arthur Walter E Gunner 1422411
Ashton D H Gunner 944586
Askew J Gunner 913360
Atkin Eric Gunner 946551
Atkinson A E Gunner 907781
Atkinson J Gunner 921572
Austin Richard Gunner 917765
Bailes R Gunner 915156
Bailey Frank Gunner 1094132
Bailey Walter L Gunner 916773
Bainbridge John R Sergeant 924342
Baker F Gunner
Baker Frederick W Gunner 1573937
Balcom Leslie James Gunner 1466188
Baldridge John J Gunner 918698
Bancroft Eric Lance Bombardier 944387
Bannaghan George Edward Gunner 1568658
Bannier Stanley Ernest Gunner 1094134
Barbour Duncan 2nd Lieutenant 89655
Barker Charles Frederick Gunner 1573943
Barker John Lieutenant 129160
Barker J C Sergeant
Barker Leslie Gunner 922198
Barker Walter C H Sergeant 5880970/922340
Barnes Lynas Raymond Lance Sergeant 920860
Barras R H Gunner 908999
Barry John Bombardier 838604
Barton James Brown Gunner 919811
Barton R Gunner 921309
Basco Lionel Gunner 1558132
Bastable Cyril George Gunner 944339
Batten Dudley Charles Gunner 1558133
Baxter D Lance-Bombardier 918463
Bays B H Gunner 883850
Beattie J W Gunner 900739
Beattie Robert A Lance Sergeant 901934
Beddowarth Arthur Richard Gunner 1558134
Bedford Arthur Bombardier 947637
Bell Frederick Lance Sergeant 919820
Bell Gordon 2nd Lieutenant 98265
Bell G A Gunner 854306
Bell George Henry Bombardier 1427556
Bell Harold Lance Bombardier 919816
Bell Robert Gunner 918146
Bell T Gunner 908995
Bell Thomas Alfred Gunner 946517
Bennett G Gunner 820280
Bennett Lancelot A Gunner 946586
Bennett Ronald Thomas Arthur Gunner 1558137
Binyon G Gunner 902508
Bishop Sydney Norman Gunner 1558350
Black George H Gunner 948583
Blakeman Leslie Gunner 911876
Blyth J Gunner 911861
Bogie Andrew B Bombardier 914030
Bogie J W Gunner 924811
Bowden Samuel Lance Bombardier 920785
Bowman Alan Tulip Bombardier 923047
Boyce Robert Gunner 914455
Boylen Patrick Bombardier 913852
Bradley J Gunner 923095
Braley Harold Gunner 917080
Brand Robert Gunner 948584
Brass F Driver
Brassill Patrick J Gunner 1558140
Brazier Benjamin Sydney 2nd Lieutenant 90332
Brennan Benet Gunner 923104
Brennan Gerard Gunner 4450228
Bridge Leonard Gunner 1104615
Bridgestock Eric Gunner 1104616
Briton Richard Gunner 4446589
Briton Simon Gunner 4450324
Brodie John K Major 20953
Brodie John Robert Gunner 910255
Brook Charles William Gunner 911862
Brook John Gunner 947642
Brooke T F Gunner 910460
Brooks T F Gunner 918460
Browell Ernest Douglas Lance Bombardier 923112
Browell G G WOIII
Brown Thomas Dobson Gunner 917865
Brown Thomas James Gunner 923016
Buckley Lieutenant
Bufton Emlyn Gunner 1094155
Bugh Edward Gunner 1558145
Bull Lloyd Gunner 1493653
Burnett H Sergeant 1669958
Burnett John R Lance-Bombardier 923019
Burnikell Norman Lance Sergeant 917077
Burrows Stanley Claude Gunner 1559147
Burton Ronald J Lance Sergeant 1439081
Butler Albert Gunner 944591
Butler E Gunner 902482
Calvert C Gunner 885412
Cameron John Appleton Bombardier 902443
Cameron J T R Gunner
Carling Frederick Gunner 900724
Carlisle E G Gunner 912484
Carney Charles W Gunner 910830
Carney G Lance Bombardier 913857
Carney John J Gunner 919798
Carney J W Gunner 917139
Carrack Ronald Gunner 944596
Carson J Gunner 912535
Carter William Wilson 2nd Lieutenant 101587
Casson Tom Lieutenant 70451
Cessford John R D Lance Bombardier 919809
Chalk M Gunner 922197
Chambers Ronald Gunner 917864
Chandler Joseph Henry Gunner 1107565
Chapman Edward Paul Gunner 923048
Charlton G R Gunner 883512
Charman Robert R 2nd Lieutenant 93270
Chatt Henry Bombardier 916825
Cheeseborough Frederick Gunner 923097
Cheetham Charles E Sergeant 1062581
Chesney E WO II 752352
Chilley R R Gunner 883608
Chisholm W Gunner 917741
Clamp Leslie Gunner 944383
Clancy J Gunner
Clark John Prestley Lance Bombardier 910831
Clayton E Gunner
Cleghorn Thomas H Gunner 901977
Clingley E Bombardier 923045
Clish Stanley Bombardier 917863
Clubb Ernest Victor Gunner 1107568
Coates George William Gunner 944338
Coates Robert William Gunner 913434
Cockburn James Simpson Sergeant 4444437
Cockerill A Gunner 917079
Coleman M Gunner 915139
Coleman Patrick Gunner 916779
Collier John Gunner 1107571
Collins G Gunner 912486
Common William Henzell Gunner 902521
Conlin Michael Gunner 922307
Conlon William Wilfred Gunner 923046
Connelly J Gunner 741994
Connolly J Gunner 916778
Constantine Eric Clifford Lance Bombardier 918145
Conway J Gunner 909631
Cook George Thomas Lance Bombardier 1558153
Cook Robert William Gunner 917074
Corser Harry Mottram Gunner 1107986
Coulson Joseph Gunner 5880255
Coward Wilfred I Gunner 937103
Cowell George Henry Gunner 1114303
Cowie Albert Gunner 922205
Cowling M F Gunner 913400
Cox Reginald John Gunner 1100248
Crabb Reginald John Gunner 1094180
Cracknell Cyril Gunner 1558154
Cranmer Alfred Gunner 923089
Cranmer Atkinson Gunner 920784
Cranmer Charles William Gunner 918464
Cranmer Frederick Gunner 925953
Cranmer Robert Gunner 924435
Crawford Edward William Sergeant 915168
Crawford John James Gunner 907138
Creal E H Lieutenant
Crompton John Robert Robinson Gunner 919797
Crosby Stanley Gunner 919799
Crossley Alexander Gunner 919808
Crouthers Arthur Gunner 913853
Cummin J Gunner 914828
Cummin M Gunner 909461
Cummings J Gunner 914828
Cunningham Thomas Gunner 4448022
Curry H Gunner 918185
Cutter Anthony Gunner 925608
Daglish John G Gunner 918189
Dagnall J Gunner 946533
Dalby Henry Gunner 1558297
Darke Francis Edward Gunner 871274
Davidson D Gunner 857889
Davidson J Gunner 912018
Davis David Lance-Bombardier 917869
Davis T Gunner 918696
Davison Charles William Stanley Gunner 958071
Davison Joseph B Sergeant 917876
Davison Walter Gunner 917878
Deacon S Gunner 895227
Dean James Lieutenant Colonel 11973
Defty William H Sergeant 922195
Dempsey John Thomas Gunner 947523
Denby Alfred Gunner 1107917
Denton Thomas P Lance Sergeant 902412
Devine E Gunner 871163
Devlin J Gunner 918184
Dick Charles W Bombardier 902352
Dickinson Gunner 925790
Ditchburn J WO III 917067
Dobinson J Sergeant 901973
Dodds F 2nd Lieutenant
Dodds W Gunner 877762
Dodshon T G Gunner 915169
Dodsworth Thomas Gunner 4443257
Donkin Frederick Gunner 925899
Donkin John Sergeant 4441884
Donkin T 2nd Lieutenant
Doran William Blackburn Gunner 918461
Drury William Arthur Gunner 4800729
Duce Cyril Gunner 947644
Duell Albert Edward Bombardier 910274
Duff V I Gunner 917433
Duffy M Lance-Sergeant 916821
Duncan T F Gunner 890426
Dunn James Thompson Lance Bombardier 917868
Dunne Patrick C Bombardier 843954
Eddleston William Edward Gunner 1107992
Edge Edgar Vivian Lance Sergeant 916819
Edmondson H Gunner 921312
Edwards Harold Gunner 1114392
Edwards William F Gunner 1104622
Egan Charles Gunner 1104623
Eldrett Henry Albert William Gunner 1087641
Elliott A S Gunner 906272
Elliott Francis Claude Sergeant 808898
Elliott Joseph Gunner 922345
Elliott R C Gunner 902511
Elliott R D Gunner 911613
Elliott Thomas Lance Bombardier 910832
Errington R Gunner 910847
Faint Horace Frank Gunner 1107460
Faircloth S Gunner 924341
Farrar Thomas Walker Gunner 918752
Feechan Michael Gunner 918753
Fennell R C Gunner
Ferguson Donald Harkes Gunner 923095
Finch Albert Sergeant 779171
Finley James Gunner 1004065
Fisher Walter Gunner 14234278
Fiske C A Gunner 891047
Flanagan John Michael Gunner 1439308
Fletcher Frederick Malcolm Gunner 1114362
Fletcher John Edward Gunner 1443025
Flook O F Battery Sergeant Major
Ford W Gunner 924344
Forster Joseph Thomas Harland Gunner 4450089
Forster R M Gunner 917879
Fowler Arthur C Gunner 917881
Fox Harold Gunner 1107993
France George Robert Gunner 923099
French J G Gunner 916785
French R Lance Bombardier 916787
French Ronald S Bombardier 6088172
French Thomas Ernest 2nd Lieutenant 99999
Freshwater John A Gunner 1558173
Fuller Ernest Gunner 1094631
Gale Frederick George Gunner 1544718
Garbutt T W Gunner 944384
Garner G H Gunner 912476
Gash R H Gunner 923094
Gazeley Allan Roy Gunner 1525247
Geldart P Bombardier 919804
Gibbins Ernest Lance Bombardier 910870
Gibson Leonard Lance-Bombardier 919805
Gibson Ralph Edward Gunner 946516
Gibson W H M Gunner 915153
Gilbertson Charles Gunner 925119
Giles Ronald Frederick Gunner 1094205
Gilhespy Ronald Lynden Gunner 901604
Gill James Gunner
Glasby William Edward Gunner 946543
Glendenning F Gunner (Boy) 924340
Godden Leslie John Lance Bombardier 1558301
Godley E Gunner 946554
Golightly J Gunner 914456
Gooderick Benjamin Hutcheon Gunner 910844
Goodfellow Stanley Pace Gunner 923103
Gooding George Edwin Frank Gunner 1087650
Goodyear Maurice 2nd Lieutenant 95937
Gould Jack Bombardier 887872
Gray John George William Bombardier 1558186
Gray Robert Lance Bombardier 4445254
Greaves Alfred Gunner 884809
Greaves Cyril Myers Gunner 958077
Grecian T Bombardier 920250
Green Charles Frederick Gunner 1104625
Greenwell William McBriar Acting Captain 88455
Gregory David William Gunner 1107593
Gregory R R Gunner
Grierson Norman Bombardier 901974
Griffiths George Arthur Gunner 1558191
Guiney-Walsh M L 2nd Lieutenant
Gummer Frederick Charles Gunner 1104092
Guy George Sergeant 828963
Hall D Gunner 919803
Hall Ernest Gunner 946535
Hall Herbert Gunner 944381
Halligan W Gunner 1439311
Hammond Francis Gunner 1558195
Handley Frederick Edward Gunner 1558015
Hannon Norman Gunner 918768
Hanson W Gunner
Hardesty E Gunner 1460372
Hardy Arthur Frank Gunner 918615
Hardy Reginald A Gunner 1094715
Harper T W H Gunner 925773
Harrison Edward A Bombardier 901956
Harrison John C Gunner 917085
Harrison L Bombardier 785830
Harrowven Thomas Jack Gunner 1104626
Hart Robert William Bombardier 913396
Hartley Harold Gunner 1087792
Harvard John Peter de J Acting Captain 92761
Harvey Alfred Black Gunner 923085
Harvey E W Gunner 921594
Hay E H Gunner 862644
Haylings Paul M Gunner 1558197
Haynes Frank Edgar BQMS 921523
Hearsum Norman Cyril Gunner 1606741
Heath John Thomas Gunner 1107409
Heath T A Gunner 923015
Hedley N Gunner 883670
Hedley Y M Gunner 907132
Heelas Douglas Edward Newton 2nd Lieutenant 86651
Henderson A Gunner 898930
Henderson E H Gunner 917073
Henderson E H Gunner 917683
Henderson Norman Gunner 958070
Hendry W Gunner 911887
Herbert Douglas Barker Bombardier 911891
Herron J Gunner 922341
Hetherington T A Sergeant 919822
Hewish Edmund Gordon Gunner 1557731
Hewitt George Gunner 4436709
Higgins Albert Gunner 1087798
Hiles Lance Sergeant
Hill Charles Henry Gunner 921310
Hill David Gunner 1107997
Hill H C Gunner 947643
Hill R J B Gunner 923091
Hilling Walter Henry Gunner 1558029
Hodgson John William Gunner 917057
Hogg Leonard Gunner 1107325
Holdford Robert Joseph Gunner 1558199
Holmes Frank Gunner 944938
Hood James William Martin Gunner 916818
Hooks D Gunner 913663
Hooper Frank Arthur Gunner 1114052
Hope Edward Parkin Gunner 918162
Hope Thomas William Lance Bombardier 800703
Hossack John Gunner 916814
Houston William Gunner 1078394
Howell Frederick William Gunner 944588
Howey Arthur Lance Bombardier 924343
Howey Matthew Gunner 922299
Howie Robert Henry Gunner 919792
Howlett Harry George Gunner 1558202
Hubbard Robert W Gunner 913436
Hudson Frank William Sergeant 824015
Hunt Victor Arthur Gunner 1107476
Hunter Kenneth Moore Bombardier 910872
Hutchins Arthur John Gunner 1094228
Hutchison N L Gunner
Hutton W Gunner 946557
Inch J D Gunner 924812
Irons George Gunner 1107329
Jacobs R F Regimental Sergeant Major
Jackson A S G Captain
Jameson Alan Gunner 919791
Jane Charles Gunner 958073
Jefferson William Norman Lance Sergeant 901661
Jeffrey W P P Lance-Bombardier 755836
Johnson Arthur William Gunner 1104098
Johnson L Gunner
Johnson Ronald Smailes Bombardier 923014
Johnson William Henry Gunner 944343
Jones Gordon John Gunner 1107413
Jones Max Norman 2nd Lieutenant 94860
Jones O N Bombardier
Jones Robert Wilfred Lance Bombardier 1458973
Joyner A Gunner 882696
Judson Arthur Milner Lance-Sergeant 4451075/913854
Keehner J Gunner 910840
Kelly Captain RAMC
Kelly Ernest Gunner 918168
Kelly Patrick Joseph Gunner 1094237
Kelly William P Gunner 1557923
Kemp George J Gunner 1078148
Kennedy S Gunner 902303
Kennedy Sidney Alexander Gunner 1078149
Kent Alan Vincent Lieutenant 129202
Kent Edwin Henry Sergeant 917070
Kershaw John Bombardier 944340
Keys Fred 2nd Lieutenant 92419
Kidd Edwin Gunner 916777
King S Gunner 867061
Kingsnorth Frank William Lance Sergeant 1557742
Kirby Mark Edward Gunner 921606
Kirkham Robert McGovan Gunner 1469976
Kirtley C D W Gunner 1661848
Kirtley Ernest W Battery Quarter Master Sergeant 923018
Kirvan Edward T Gunner 1558211
Knight Frank Alfred William Lance Bombardier 1078150
Laidlaw Frederick Gunner 922293
Laing George Gunner 921592
Lamb William Hedley Gunner 917054
Lambert Albert Gunner 944386
Lang Patrick Gunner 902356
Langley George E Gunner 1104100
Langley J Gunner 916822
Langley William M Gunner 914457
Large Cecil Gunner 1104101
Last Eric George Bombardier 836271
Latham Reginald H Gunner 1107336
Lavrack William Henry Gunner 1091985
Lawrance Albert Henry Gunner 1104627
Lawrence J H Gunner 925778
Laws D 2nd Lieutenant
Lawson Edward Gunner 946611
Lawson Eric Russell Gunner 948579
Lawson James Allan Bombardier 918469
Lawson William Lance Sergeant 913395
Lax Douglas A Lance Sergeant 923022
Laybourne Charles C Gunner 4451094
Lea H E Gunner 917826
Leach Fred Gunner 1114311
Leary F Gunner 958079
Lee John BSM 1061821
Lee John T Gunner 911864
Lee R Gunner
Lee S J Sergeant 921626
Leighton John James Gunner 777586
Lewis S W Gunner 901979
Liley William C A G Sergeant 795790
Lilley Edward Gunner 917068
Lindley Percy Bombardier 918160
Lindon Thomas P Gunner 915152
Lindsay Alfred Gunner 923101
Lindsay T Gunner 909464
Lindsey J Gunner 4259043
Lipscombe Alfred Gunner 1094247
Little T J Bombardier 910845
Lockwood S Gunner 947649
Loeber Thomas Gunner 1558442
Lomax Harold Gunner 946522
Loud Wilfred C Gunner 1070042
Lynch Anthony Gunner 1114288
Lyness William Gunner 947515
Mackenzie Murdoch Captain 67398
Mackintosh Donald Gunner 911863
Mackintosh James McIntosh Lieutenant 100372
MacNaught H W W 2nd Lieutenant
Macready Gunner 917875
Maddison Sidney Sergeant 902523
Maddy Edward John Gunner 1092615
Madgwick John Bombardier 917055
Magrill Jack Harold Lance Sergeant 902520
Maguire J J Gunner 1427132
Maher John Gunner 946535
Major William Richard C RSM 1413641
Male Charles Frederick Gunner 1557941
Manning Herbert William Phillips Gunner 901972
Marlborough J J Gunner 902353
Marr G Gunner 913850
Marrin R Gunner 919813
Marsden W Gunner 902418
Marsh Herbert Cyril Battery Sergeant Major 1058543
Marshall John Ranson 917862
Marshall Robert Frederick Bombardier 920245
Marsland John Gunner 1114342
Martin A D Captain
Martin James Lance Bombardier 4915116
Martin J Gunner
Martin Stanley George F Lance Bombardier 1087673
Martin W S Major
Marwood John Sergeant 917065
Mason Ernest Lance Sergeant 923096
Mason James Patrick Gunner 1078160
Mason Thomas Patrick Lance Bombardier 1558220
Maton William Joseph Sergeant 786200
Maughan Ernest John Bombardier 910838
Mayo Donald Gunner 946539
McCarty J Gunner 909477
McCready John Robson Gunner 918875
McCready William Gunner 917072
McCully Stanley Lance Bombardier 925136
McDonald C R C Gunner 909471
McDougal Ernest Gunner 946588
McDowell Stanley W Gunner 4451476
McGahan Gunner 946958
McGlenning J Gunner 1042983
McKenna David Gunner 919814
McKenzie G Gunner 923109
McManus Anthony Gunner 917082
McQueen Alan H 2nd Lieutenant 88366
Mead A E Gunner 920248
Mealham Arthur William Gunner 1104629
Meins S Gunner 908035
Merrell A Henry Gunner 1114263
Metcalf Andrew H Gunner 917873
Metcalf Matthew Gunner 923088
Milburn Raymond Baket Lance Bombardier 922342
Milburn S W Major
Miles John William Gunner 1087675
Miles Lawrence J Gunner 1094259
Miles R W Gunner
Miller Daniel Morris Gunner 1104104
Million J W T Gunner 6013358
Mills Frederick John Gunner 1087677
Mills T Gunner 879045
Mincovitch Maurice H Lance-Sergeant 913662
Minto Edward Sergeant 919793
Mitchell Arthur James Gunner 946590
Mitchell Gilbert Gunner 1094260
Mitchell Henry William Sergeant 1037253
Moffat David Gunner 866893
Monaghan Francis Barras Gunner 958076
Montgomery John Gunner 3253385
Morgan John George Gunner 917874
Morgan William Lewis Sergeant 923106
Morley Herbert Fred W Gunner 1558225
Moor Geoffrey Charlton 2nd Lieutenant 90796
Moore F H Gunner 911609
Morris Wilfred John Gunner 884860
Morrison John Thomas Sergeant 4260436
Morton C Gunner 891660
Moss Kenneth Fitzroy Bombardier 1557897
Moushi Antonios Onoufriou Gunner 1104106
Mulvaney Thomas Gunner 917053
Munnoch Herbert R Gunner 947521
Murgatroyd Thomas Gunner 947526
Murrell Percy Gunner 1114019
Mustard David Stewart Bombardier 914953
Mustard K Gunner 915167
Nanson Victor Gunner 946610
Nelson Ernest A Gunner 948589
Nelson T M Gunner 907130
Neville Robert Alfred Bombardier 915138
New George Proud Fletcher Gunner 4451476
Newman G J J Gunner 6968867
Newton Robert Lazenby Gunner 946592
Nicholson A Gunner 922300
Nicholson Stuart Bombardier 923039
Nicklas Charles BSM 1415314
Nixon Eli M J Gunner 918738
Nixon Thomas F W Lance Bombardier 912482
Nixon T S M Gunner 912382
Norman W Gunner
Oag John Wallace Sergeant 7588321
Oakley J Bombardier 922303
O'Connor G J Lieutenant
Old A Sergeant 921570
Old Thomas Lance-Bombardier 901491
Oldham Nelson Gunner 946523
O'Mahoney J Reverend
O'Reilly James H Gunner 1087174
Oughton J G Gunner 916824
Overy M H Gunner 925041
Owen C Gunner 947527
Oxlade N Gunner 922292
Page Arthur Gunner 912446
Page S Gunner
Paice L Gunner 1438914
Paine Frank Arnold Sergeant 918192
Pannifer Walter Charles Gunner 1104634
Panrucker Alfred S Gunner 1558487
Parker Walter Gunner 947324
Parkin Reuban C Gunner 1104635
Paton William Gunner 944336
Patrick R D Gunner 912506
Patterson Ernest D Gunner 946519
Patterson Joshua Gunner 910834
Patton K F Lieutenant
Patton R Gunner 905714
Paulden Frank Gunner 1114316
Payne Cecil John Gunner 1104636
Peacock R Gunner 902306
Pearce Francis L Lance Bombardier 1094280
Pearlman Edwin John Bombardier 917084
Pearlman P Lance-Sergeant 912840
Pearson H Gunner 918194
Pearson J W Lance-Sergeant 916827
Peck Albert Gunner 944341
Pemberton Joseph Francis Lance Bombardier 812150
Pennal Edward Cooper Gunner 4450331
Perkins John Thomas Gunner 842154
Perrin William Gunner 809876
Perry Charles Albert Gunner 907794
Petch Thomas Bombardier 818117
Peverley W Gunner 900725
Phillips H Gunner 901973
Phillips Thomas Gunner 1557762
Philp Thomas B Gunner 922196
Phorson William 2nd Lieutenant 96174
Picken Henry James BQMS 759695
Picken T W Battery Sergeant Major
Pinnock James Henry Bombardier 946584
Plummer Leslie Bombardier 923017
Plunkett Charles H M Gunner 958080
Poole James Gunner 1107950
Poole John Gunner
Porter Edward Eric Bombardier 913429
Potts D G Gunner 900723
Potts Henry John Thomas Gunner 798627
Pounder John Sergeant 913427
Pratt George A E Gunner 1558240
Pratt Harry Bombardier 918748
Pratt Thomas Allan Gunner 916842
Pratt T V Gunner 915154
Prestige George W 2nd Lieutenant 124031
Pretty Charles E Gunner 918193
Pritchard J Gunner 913774
Pritchard Walter Sergeant 800855
Proctor J E Gunner 918749
Procter S Gunner 913851
Purkis Frederick R Gunner 1557955
Purvis R Gunner 918750
Pyle John Henry Lance Bombardier 946587
Raine Fodter Gunner 919571
Raine Gordon Gunner 923031
Raine William Thompson Gunner 917058
Randall N W Lance Bombardier 857299
Ranscombe Frederick H V Gunner 1558234
Ray Frederick Edward Gunner 1094294
Reay S Gunner 4450894
Redmile Stanley Gunner 947518
Reed Herbert Helliwell Lance Bombardier 913441
Reed John George Gunner 914952
Reeves George Gunner 900720
Regan Victor Cyril Sergeant 1055003
Riamo E Gunner
Rich Ernest Hammill 2nd Lieutenant 89451
Riddell Frank Gunner 918910
Riddell George William Gunner 900672
Ridley Stokeld 2nd Lieutenant 90803
Ridley Thomas L Gunner 922297
Ridley W C Gunner 917075
Ritchie John Gunner 958075
Roast George E Gunner 791612
Roberts Charles William Hammond Sergeant 4442217
Roberts John A Gunner 3771380
Roberts Joseph N Gunner 923090
Robinson George W Gunner 946597
Robinson John Bombardier 911889
Roblou Frank Gunner 1107647
Robson H S Gunner 914829
Robson John Bombardier 916990
Robson John Richardson Lance Bombardier 923084
Robson R Gunner 899230
Robson William Brown Gunner 910836
Rochester James Lambert Gunner 918741
Rogan E Gunner 870093
Ross E S Sergeant 923087
Ross John W T H Gunner 4447078
Routledge William B Bombardier 913440
Rowan G Gunner 912532
Rowe Frederick William Gunner 1557969
Rowley Thomas Bombardier 809009
Rowntree James Joseph Lance Bombardier 4445499
Rowntree Leslie Bombardier 900738
Samuel Frederick Gunner 902351
Sanders John Henry RQMS 1066969
Sandham Robert Gunner 936580
Saunders Leonard William G Gunner 1104641
Sawyer Ronald Gunner 944599
Scales A J Gunner 915184
Scorer Matthew Gunner 958081
Scott Albert Ernest Gunner 913428
Scott A R Gunner
Scott John Hanson S Lance-Bombardier 900758
Seales G R Gunner 875911
Shadwell Albert J Gunner 1094310
Sharples Samuel Hartley Gunner 3659941
Shaw T Battery Quarter Master Sergeant
Sheridan John Patrick RQMS/Quartermaster 246795
Shiells Walter Henry Gunner 1089857
Shilling H Gunner 885298
Shuttleworth Bernard Gunner 944382
Sidney J Bombardier 900727
Sidney W Bombardier 900729
Sim W Gunner 801381
Simpkins Eric Ernest Gunner 1104642
Simpson N Gunner 905713
Slater G R Gunner 912501
Slater R S Gunner 882028
Slee Henry Douglas Gunner 1517083
Slingsby Ronald Gunner 944333
Small G W Gunner 883665
Smethurst Edwin Gunner 1094325
Smith A G Lance Bombardier
Smith C Gunner 2649783
Smith C Sergeant 2649785
Smith D C Gunner 914826
Smith John Lance Sergeant 958069
Smith J B Gunner 923054
Smith J G Gunner 918187
Smith John William Gunner 958082
Smith Philip Gunner 1643351
Smith S Gunner
Smith Stanley Gordon Gunner 925146
Smith Thomas Gunner 910842
Smith T Gunner 924014
Smith W Gunner 923044
Sneddon James Sergeant 918379
Sowter J W Y Gunner 923043
Spicer J G E Gunner 885289
Spotswood Francis G Gunner 923028
Spours J M Gunner 906511
Spraggon Albert Hector Gunner 916800
Spurgeon Phillip Sidney Gunner 1104644
Stacey Malcolm Thomson Sergeant 913437
Stannard Walter John Gunner 1557781
Starie Roland Ernest Gunner 1558258
Starkey Edward Gordon Gunner 947001
Starkey Leonard Frank Gunner 944939
Stenhouse Adam Battery Sergeant Major 1024589
Stephenson D Gunner 890408
Stephenson E Gunner 923040
Stephenson G H Gunner 918186
Stephenson Richard Gunner 4450286
Stephenson Robert Gunner 922344
Stocks Lewis Gunner 1568733
Stoker William Curry Gunner 323048
Storey John Edward Gunner 919807
Stott Ernest Gunner 1094333
Stowell Frederick D'E Lieutenant 92543
Stridiron C H Sergeant 758704
Stuart John Gunner 922339
Studd Charles William J Gunner 1557783
Sugden John Lawson Bombardier 924346
Sullivan Joseph Gunner 909469
Sumby Athol George Gunner 915151
Sutcliffe Terence Gunner 1114376
Sutherland Arthur Weymss Gordon Captain 106132
Swan Frederick George Sergeant 915182
Sykes G Gunner 947648
Swanson William Henry Sergeant 901976
Symonds Frederick Gunner 1107392
Talbot W Gunner 1438992
Tate Arthur Gunner 923042
Taylor H Gunner 944585
Taylor Norman Dix Lance Sergeant 909466
Taylor W Gunner
Teasdale James Gunner 948580
Teasdale William Gunner 1527235
Telford Eric Lance-Bombardier 922206
Temperley Albert Gunner 946521
Tennick George L Gunner 914954
Terry Frank Gunner 1078206
Thackeray William Gunner 1104645
Theobald K W Gunner
Thomas M A Gunner 1438633
Thomas Thomas Robert Lance Bombardier 1558264
Thompson Arthur Gunner 910257
Thompson Ernest Gunner 915155
Thompson Richard WO III 4438377
Thompson W Gunner 913439
Thompson Walter Gunner 1525944
Thoms R Gunner 958668
Thornton Arthur Gunner 4849992
Thurlbeck Ronald Gunner 919576
Timney Albert E Bombardier 912481
Timney Gordon A Lance Bombardier 913432
Tingle Frank Gunner 1087360
Towell Cyril Sergeant 917871
Townsend James F Gunner 1558265
Trappitt Frederick J Gunner 1104646
Trotter George Nicholas Gunner 910839
Truelove Arthur Gunner 1606998
Tubby Kenneth Walter Gunner 1104647
Tuddenham William Thomas Gunner 919806
Turbard George R Gunner 1104648
Turnbull Sergeant 810449
Turner Allan Edwin Gunner 902401
Turner A J Gunner
Tutin Ernest Gunner 919794
Tweddle T Gunner 883187
Underwood Alfred Robert Kitchener Gunner 1558270
Vipond Aubrey Gunner 923108
Waine N Gunner 900753
Wainwright Gordon Gunner 921593
Walden N Gunner 908106
Walker Frank Robert Gunner 1558271
Walker G Gunner 919821
Walker W Gunner
Wallace Sergeant 910233
Wallace John W Lance Bombardier 901955
Wallis Thomas Lance Bombardier 912469
Walsh M L G Lieutenant
Wandlass D Gunner
Warburton F Charles Gunner 946530
Ward George Gunner 919575
Ward Richard Gunner 919795
Wardell Robert B Gunner 913772
Wassell Earnest G BSM 1070777
Waterman Leonard J Lance Bombardier 1087720
Watson Alan Kirtley Lance Bombardier 915159
Watson J I 2nd Lieutenant
Watson J J Gunner 891052
Watson N Gunner 907789
Watson W H Gunner 922338
Watts John Reginald Captain 126009
Waud Derek Lance Bombardier 919574
Webster T Gunner 900722
Weeks L M Lieutenant Colonel RAMC
Weightman Joseph Gunner 910845
Weir Fraser Douglas Gunner 4448145
Welch James Ernest W Gunner 948588
Welch Ronald Gunner 925786
Wesley-Worth J Lieutenant
West Jack Reginald Lance Bombardier 1558275
Whapshott Arthur Gunner 1094352
Wheatley William Seed Gunner 914951
White A M Gunner 901475
White Robert Henry Gunner 902354
White Wilfred Sinclair Gunner 913438
Whitfield R Gunner 900721
Whomersley Clifford Lance Bombardier 1438964
Wigham G T Gunner 912468
Wigham Robert K Gunner 917886
Wilde Joseph Gunner 1114269
Wilkin G L Gunner 898935
Wilkins Alfred John Gunner 7662770
Williams Edward Gunner 910837
Williams Norman R Gunner 1439229
Williams Peter Gunner 912485
Williams Reginald Arthur Gunner 1557798
Williamson Arthur Gunner 1078388
Willis Cyril Edward Gunner 1557855
Wilson Gilmour C M Gunner 1528024
Wilson H Gunner 867585
Wilson James Arthur Bombardier 946585
Wilson J W 2nd Lieutenant
Wilson Richard Barker 2nd Lieutenant 92765
Wilson Richard B Lance-Bombardier 917078
Wilson William Atkinson Bombardier 910841
Winn N Gunner 922304
Winter W H Gunner 883668
Wolfe Kenneth Gunner 919573
Worthington John Gunner 1114325
Wright A Gunner 914923
Wright S J Gunner 885390
Wright W Gunner
Wright W H Gunner 914923
Wrightson Thor Bombardier 913430
Wyatt Stanley Lance Bombardier 1114353
Wylde Richard Edward Troop Sergeant Major 917882
Wylie John Major 20719
Yeadon Fred Gunner 947517
Youll W H Gunner 922295
Young Archibald Gunner 946518
Young E Gunner 885449
Young Harry J Gunner 1568631
Young William Gunner 923105
Zimmer Morris Gunner 1558472

As will be seen, some of the casualties, like those from the 9th Battalion, Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, died as a result of the sinking of Japanese freighters en route to Japan on 12th September 1944.

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Information on those Commonwealth War Graves Cemeteries which are the final resting place for many of the men listed above can be found by clicking on the links below.

Chungkai War Cemetery, Thailand

Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, Thailand

Kranji War Cemetery, Singapore

Thanbyuzayat War Cemetery, Burma

Sai Wan War Cemetery, Hong Kong

Images of, and from, the Regimental History :-

Officer Group - Capetown

The Memorials to the Regiment can be found on the Website of the North East War Memorials Project at www.newmp.org.uk and include the following:-


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