10th Battalion, The Durham Light Infantry, War Diary April 1943

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For a more complete picture of activity this War Diary should be read in conjunction with the 70th Infantry Brigade War Diary for the same month.

Carmarthen 1st April 1943

Officers’ Training Day and an R.S.M’s Drill Parade.

2nd April 1943

Company and Specialist Platoon training took place under Company arrangements.

3rd April 1943

C.O. took a Ceremonial Parade.

Penybont 4th April 1943

A mine-lifting demonstration, attended by all Officers and Sergeants was given by a detachment of Royal Engineers and a Combat Group of King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry from 146th Infantry Brigade.

Penally 5th April 1943

B Company carried out their Rifle and LMG Classification shoots.

6th April 1943

A Company carried out their Rifle and LMG Classification shoots.

Carmarthen – the C.O. carried out a surprise inspection of HQ Company.

7th April 1943

Lieutenant-General M.C.A. Schreiber C.B., D.S.O., G.O.C. in C. of Western Command carried out an inspection of the Battalion and the Camp.

An Inter-Company Drill Competition was held, of which B Company were the winners.

8th April 1943

A full-rank NCOs General Duties Cadre began.

Penally – The Battalion Rifle Meeting was held on the ranges – the C.Os. medal (for best shot) being awarded to Private Smailes of HQ Company.

9th April 1943

S Company carried out their Rifle and LMG Classification shoots.

Hereford – the final of the Divisional Soccer Tournament took place – result was 10th DLI 2 – Hallams NIL.

Carmarthen 10th April 1943

A demonstration was given to all Officers and Sergeants of a War Dogs Patrol.

11th April 1943

Lieut. F.C. Livesey was posted to S Company and Lieut. J.L. Walsh posted to A Company from 70th Battalion DLI.

12th April 1943

Major J.M. Hanmer assumed command of the Battalion in the absence of Lt Col Jeffreys on Exercise “BOMBARD”.

Lt. J.T.D. Russell and the Advance Party moved in Motor Transport to the new location of HAMILTON in Lanarkshire.

14th April 1943

The Battalion was engaged in preparing for Exercise “SOUDLEY”.

16th April 1943

The Exercise SOUDLEY Road Party moved in the Brigade convoy to HAMILTON, with the route being; CARMARTHEN – LLANDILO – LLANDOVERY – BRECON – WELLINGTON – TARPORLEY – WARRINGTON – WIGAN – PRESTON – LANCASTER – CARNFORTH – PENRITH – CARLISLE – GRETNA GREEN – LOCKERBIE – ABINGTON – BLACKWOOD – HAMILTON. The Battalion stayed at the following places overnight – 16th/17th APLEY CASTLE, WELLINGTON, 17th/18th PRESTON, 18th/19th Hadrian’s Camp CARLISLE.

17th April 1943

The Battalion prepared to move by rail to the new location.

Hamilton 19th April 1943

The Road Party arrived.

Carmarthen 20th April 1943

At 06:20 hours the Carrier and Mortar Platoons left by rail for HAMILTON.

At 22:30 hours the Main Party left by rail.

Hamilton – at 22:30 hours the Carrier and Mortar Platoons arrived.

Hamilton 21st April 1943

At 10:35 hours the Battalion Main Party arrived by rail and marched to the Racecourse Camp. Lt Col P.J. Jeffreys re-assumed command of the Battalion.

22nd April 1943

Lt. J.R. Mackie transferred from S Company to A Company.

2/Lt C.V. Thomas transferred from A Company to S Company, Carrier Platoon.

2/Lt J.G. Dent transferred from B Company to S Company, Carrier Platoon.

23rd April 1943

NCOs General Duties Cadre Number 3 began.

24th April 1943

An inspection of the Camp by the C.O. took place.

25th April 1943

A Brigade Church Parade too place at HAMILTON BARRACKS (presumably as this was a convenient day close to St George’s Day).

29th April 1943

NCOs General Duties Cadre Number 4 began.

A Tactical Cadre for Junior Officers and full rank NCOs began.

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