10th Battalion, The Durham Light Infantry, War Diary August 1943

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For a more complete picture of activity this War Diary should be read in conjunction with the 70th Infantry Brigade War Diary for the same month.

Apart from Battalion training, Company and Specialist Platoon training has continued, including a weekly RSM’s Parade, route marches, range firing, C.Os. administrative inspections and visits to HAMILTON and MOTHERWELL Swimming Baths.

The Battalion has been made up to strength with drafts from various units and C Company was re-formed as a Trained Company on 30th August.

Hamilton 2nd August 1943

All Officers and Warrant Officers attended a Radio-Telephony procedure lecture given by the Signals Officer.

6th August 1943

D Company moved to a Company Camp near STRATHAVEN for one week’s Company and Platoon training.

The C.O. made an administrative inspection of C Company. The Officers and Sergeants attended a sand model exercise on Combined Operations given by the 2 i/c.

8th August 1943

The Divisional Signals Exercise “CONTACT II” commenced, with a duration of five days. A Company moved to a Company Camp at OVER ENOCH for one week’s Company and Platoon training, with a detachment of S Company.

9th August 1943

D Company carried out a Combat Group Field Firing Exercise in the area South of STRATHAVEN.

A Company practised drill for defence in an area South of EAGLESHAM.

C Company continued Battle Drill training.

10th August 1943

C Company took part in a Company route march.

A Company were conducting a Field Firing Exercise of the Company in the attack in an area South of EAGLESHAM.

11th August 1943

The Weapons Training Officer started a sniper course in the absence of the Intelligence Officer on Exercise CONTACT II.

B, S and HQ Companies visited HAMILTON Baths for swimming training.

A Company carried out a Company night attack in the area South of EAGLESHAM.

12th August 1943

Exercise CONTACT II finished at 14:00 hours.

D Company practised a beach assault in the area South of STRATHAVEN.

The Battalion Motor Transport practised convoy and road discipline.

B and C Companies visited Motherwell Baths for swimming training.

13th August 1943

A Company cycled back to Barracks from their Company Camp. D Company returned to Camp, carrying out an Advance Guard Exercise en route.

All Officers attended a TEWT set by the C.O. on Exercise BEACHCOMBER.

16th August 1943

All Companies practised Boat Drill in the area of the Camp.

The C.O. watched a demonstration by the Mortar Platoon in the area South of STRATHAVEN.

17th August 1943

The Anti-Tank Platoon went to camp for five days in the area South of STRATHAVEN, for the purposes of an Anti-Tank shoot.

18th August 1943

B Company departed to a Company Camp in the area of OVER ENOCH, accompanied by a detachment of S Company.

20th August 1943

There was a demonstration of Exercise BEACHCOMBER by 1st Tyneside Scottish, made up to strength by the inclusion of D Company and the Mortar Platoon from 10th DLI, in the area of STRATHAVEN, attended by the Battalion, which marched out to see the demonstration. General Sir Bernard Paget and Lieut-General Anderson attended the demonstration.

23rd August 1943

A Company moved to the Street-Fighting School at LEITH for five days’ training.

The Anti-Tank Platoon attended a shoot at BARRY.

24th August 1943

B and D Companies took part in an Inter-Company exercise in the area South of EAGLESHAM.

26th August 1943

B Company carried out an exercise set by the C.O.

Officers and Sergeants attended a lecture at Brigade HQ.

27th August 1943

A party of 27 Officers and Other ranks attended a Landing Craft demonstration at TROON harbour.

A Company returned from their stay at the Street-Fighting School.

B Company returned from their camp at OVER ENOCH.

30th August 1943

Officers and NCOs attended a demonstration of street fighting given by A Company at HAMILTON BARRACKS, followed by a lecture by Lieut. C.V. Thomas on the subject.

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