10th Battalion, The Durham Light Infantry, War Diary February 1943

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For a more complete picture of activity this War Diary should be read in conjunction with the 70th Infantry Brigade War Diary for the same month.

1st February 1943

The Battalion was restructured on the new organisational basis. The Anti-Aircraft Platoon and C Company were disbanded, with the Officers and Other Ranks being split up among the Rifle Companies and the newly formed Support Company.

The Support Company, commanded by Major T.G. Wilkinson, with Captain R.O. Mason as his Second-in-Command, is composed of the Carrier, Mortar, Pioneer and Anti-Tank Platoons.

4th February 1943

A Battalion Skeleton Exercise took place in the area of BRECHFA. The Companies returned to Camp from the Training Area.

6th February 1943

Lieut. R.H. Jerrome was promoted Captain and appointed Adjutant to the Battalion.

8th February 1943

A Battalion Exercise took place in the LLANDILO area. B Company carried out a test exercise set by the C.O.

9th - 10th February 1943

Divisional Signals Exercise “FANTOME” took place.

12th February 1943

Major J.M. Hanmer assumed command of the Battalion in the C.Os. absence on leave.

15th February 1943

A Divisional Bridging Exercise “FILLDYKE” took place from 15th to 18th February. All the brigade and Battalion Intelligence Sections took part as “enemy”. The area covered by the exercise included from KIDDERMINSTER, South to HEREFORD, the following rivers being bridged during the exercise – SEVERN, TEME, LUGG and WYE.

Major T.G. Wilkinson assumed command of the Battalion while Major Hanmer was engaged in Exercise FILLDYKE.

18th February 1943

Major Hanmer re-assumed command of the Battalion on the conclusion of Exercise FILLDYKE.

20th February 1943

The C.O. returned from leave and re-assumed command of the Battalion.

22nd February 1943

Route marches were organised under Company arrangements, an average of 18 miles being covered in the process.

Carmarthen 23rd February 1943

A Motor transport night drive took place under Company arrangements.

24th February 1943

A Battalion Route March of 23 miles took place from 17:00 hours to 01:00 hours.

25th February 1943

The C.O. inspected the Companies and transport prior to Exercise “SPARTAN”.

26th February 1943

The day was spent in preparing for Exercise SPARTAN.

27th February 1943

The Battalion left Camp at 07:00 in a Brigade convoy bound for HIGH WYCOMBE and staged overnight in the area of LEDBURY.

28th February 1943

The convoy arrived at HAZLEMERE CAMP, HIGH WYCOMBE at 16:00 hours and remained there awaiting the start of Exercise SPARTAN.

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