10th Battalion, The Durham Light Infantry, War Diary January 1940

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1st January 1940

The personnel of E Company, the Militia Company, having now done their first eight weeks of training (comparable to that which recruits undertook at a Primary Training Centre) were posted to the other Companies of the Battalion.

4th January 1940

2/Lt T.G. Wilkinson temporarily assumed the duties of Adjutant while Captain C.M.L. McCoy was away on a four-day “Cooks Tour” with the British Expeditionary Force in France.

2/Lt R. Gill was appointed Battalion Intelligence Officer.

6th January 1940

“A” Company assumed the duties of Civil Defence Company.

2/Lt G.F. Macfeggan was appointed Passive Air Defence Officer in place of Captain J.W. Kipling.

7th January 1940

Lt. G.L. Robson, 1 Sergeant and 2 Corporals were attached to 2nd Battalion DLI with the British Expeditionary Force for a month.

9th January 1940

43 Other Ranks (Immatures) were posted to 58 Searchlight Regiment, Royal Artillery. (An attempt will be made to identify these men and include them within the 10th Battalion database of names).

10th January 1940

Service Dress caps (“flat hats”) ceased to be worn by Other Ranks. Forage caps were to be worn instead.

The Battalion played The Sailors (no further indication of which base or unit they were from) at football and won, eleven goals to NIL. (This is further evidence of the footballing connection to these Battalions which is hoped to be the subject of additional study. It is known that the Brigade had several professional footballers within its ranks.)

11th January 1940

2/Lt W.P. Atley and 20 Other Ranks formed a draft to the 1st Battalion DLI in Egypt. (As the Enlistment Books do not differentiate between Battalion postings it may not be possible to fully identify these men).

14th January 1940

“B” Company assumed the duties of Civil Defence Company.

15th January 1940

A Mock Court Martial was held, attended by all Officers and NCOs.

16th January 1940

Major F. Hall, accompanied by three Sergeants, reported to the Infantry Reception Centre at Darlington for the purpose of receiving newly mobilised Militia. 97 newly mobilised militia reported in total.

20th January 1940

“C” Company assumed the duties of Civil Defence Company.

23rd January 1940

Captain C.R.M. Hutchinson resumed his duties as Adjutant on returning from his short attachment to the British Expeditionary Force.

24th January 1940

The Battalion suffered a severe bout of influenza – 9 officers were placed on the sick list including the C.O. Major F. Hall took temporary command of the Battalion during the CO’s absence.

27th January 1940

“D” Company assumed the duties of Civil Defence Company.

29th January 1940

Major J.R. Lowson and 2/Lt’s Pettinger, Gray and Mason were temporarily attached to the Battalion from No.4 Infantry Training Centre at Brancepeth to cover for sickness.

The Battalion experienced its first Air Raid Warning.

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