10th Battalion, The Durham Light Infantry, War Diary July 1943

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For a more complete picture of activity this War Diary should be read in conjunction with the 70th Infantry Brigade War Diary for the same month.

2nd July 1943

Major General E.H. Barker C.B.E., D.S.O., M.C. G.O.C. 49 Division inspected the Battalion.

After a very full inspection, he visited the Companies training in the Camp area.

A very good report on the inspection was received some days later.

3rd July 1943

An NCOs Battle Cadre, run by the 2 i/c began at AMROTH CASTLE CAMP and continued until 6th July.

5th July 1943

All W.T. casuals carried out Rifle Classification on PENALLY RANGE. (While not certain, it is possible that this entry refers to men, other than Infantrymen, who were required to classify in shooting on a more limited basis).

6th July 1943

The Intelligence Section returned from the Divisional Course at PRESTEIGN.

7th July 1943

The tented camp at AMROTH CASTLE was transferred to BRILL, near LAUGHARNE.

The 49 Division Athletic Sports Meeting was held at NEWPORT – the 10th Battalion being placed 7th.

8th July 1943

A tactical discussion and lecture on assault training for all Officers and NCOs took place.

Lt. Col. P.J. Jeffreys left the Battalion to take up an appointment as G.S.O.1 of the 61st West African Division.

9th July 1943

A Company proceeded to the Camp at BRILL for one week’s assault training.

10th July 1943

The Battalion (less A Company) attended a Smoke Demonstration organised by 49 Division and carried out by 147 Infantry Brigade at SENNYBRIDGE. Unfortunately the indifferent weather prevented the planned co-operation with the RAF.

12th July 1943

Divisional Signal Exercise “CONTACT” took place from 12th to 16th July. A Skeleton HQ from the Battalion took part under Major T.G. Wilkinson.

B Company went to EAST HOUSE CAMP for assault training with a detachment of S Company for three days.

14th July 1943

C Company was re-formed with a draft from the 70th Battalion of the Northamptonshire Regiment. Captain N.J. Seymour was appointed as Company Commander. Lieut. P.A.S. Brown of D Company and Lieut. J.R. Mackie of A Company were both transferred to the new C Company.

17th July 1943

D Company went to BRILL CAMP for assault training.

19th July 1943

A demonstration was given by one Rifle Company, Battalion HQ, HQ Company and S Company of the Battalion at full War Establishment. This was arranged for 30 RAF Sergeants who were attached to units of the Brigade (10 of them were with the Battalion for two weeks).

20th July 1943

A Battalion route march took place over a distance of 18 miles.

21st July 1943

The Battalion made preparations for the move to Scotland.

22nd July 1943

Lieut. Col. F.W. Sandars G.S.O.1 (Operations) of Northern Command arrived and assumed command of the Battalion.

23rd July 1943

A demonstration was given of L.C.A. (Landing Craft Assault) Drill by D Company.

26th July 1943

The Road Party moved off. Lt. Col. Sandars commanded the Brigade Column and Major R.H. Blackett commanded the Battalion Party. The rail parties left at intervals throughout the next two days.

Hamilton 29th July 1943

The Road Party arrived at HAMILTON at 16:30 hours. The Battalion was accommodated in HAMILTON Racecourse Camp – shared with 1st Tyneside Scottish – but A and B Companies were accommodated in HAMILTON BARRACKS about ½ mile away.

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