10th Battalion, The Durham Light Infantry, War Diary June 1943

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For a more complete picture of activity this War Diary should be read in conjunction with the 70th Infantry Brigade War Diary for the same month.

Carmarthen 1st June 1943

The following Inter-Company transfers of Officers took place:-

Lieut. J.T.D. Russell from the Mortar Platoon to be O.C. Carrier Platoon.

Lieut. I.H. Stock, Battalion Intelligence Officer to be O.C. Mortar Platoon.

Lieut. J.L. Walsh from A Company to be Battalion Intelligence Officer.

2/Lt. C.A. Hall to move from A Company to D Company.

2/Lt. E.B. Durell to move from D Company to A Company.

2/Lt. P.G. Fowler to move from D Company to A Company.

2nd June 1943

S Company returned from their Camp at AMROTH CASTLE owing to bad weather.

The Battalion 2 i/c set a river crossing exercise for B Company in the area of LLANGAIN reference 8337. The crossing took place on the River TOWY and D Company acted as the enemy in the exercise.

The Specialist Platoons continued with normal training.

3rd June 1943

B Company carried out a defensive exercise set by the C.O. in the area of reference 8038 on Ordnance Survey Map Sheet 89. The Company dug in on a hill and used wire, Anti-Tank mines and Number 75 Grenades to strengthen the defences. In the evening the Officers and full-rank NCOs of the Battalion went out to try and locate the B Company positions by observation. Live ammunition was fired during the exercise.

4th June 1943

The Signal Platoon took part in Brigade Exercise “EYE OPENER”, obtaining the highest marks in the Brigade.

5th June 1943

A Battalion Cross-Country Run was held.

7th June 1943

D Company proceeded to AMROTH CASTLE for one week’s intensive training. A and B Companies carried out Platoon training in Camp and in the CARMARTHEN area.

8th June 1943

B Company fired on the Home Guard Range followed by a night-firing demonstration by the Weapon Training Officer.

A Company took part in a river crossing exercise set by the 2 i/c in the LLANGAIN area reference 8337.

10th June 1943

B Company fired on the Home Guard Range.

11th June 1943

B Company held a Rifle Meeting on the PENALLY RANGE.

The Specialist Platoons carried out normal training.

12th June 1943

D Company returned from AMROTH CASTLE and carried out a Carrier and Mortar combat group exercise on the return march.

14th June 1943

A Company proceeded to AMROTH CASTLE for Company and Platoon training.

NCOS General Duties Cadre No. 6 commenced. (This may be a mis-print in the War Diary as Cadre No. 6 had already been held – perhaps this was meant to be No. 7?).

15th June 1943

It was announced that the 10th Battalion Medical Section had come in in first place in the Brigade Exercise “EYE-OPENER” with a score of 61%.

A and D Companies took part in an Inter-Company Exercise with detachments of S Company.

Battalion Exercise “JANE” took place in the area of LAUGHARNE. D Company made a river crossing of the River TAF in darkness, opposed by A and B Companies.

16th June 1943

Battalion Exercise “JANE” ended at 14:00 hours.

The Anti-Tank Platoon took part in a Divisional Anti-Tank concentration at HARLECH.

17th June 1943

A and B Companies with detachments of S Company took part in an inter-Company Exercise.

There was an Officers vs Sergeants Rifle Shoot on the 100 yards range in Camp.

18th June 1943

A Company returned from their camp at AMROTH CASTLE.

The Carrier Platoon attended a ten-day Brigade Carrier concentration in the area of LLANDOVERY.

The heats of the Battalion Sports were run.

19th June 1943

The C.O. took a ceremonial parade at the Battalion Sports Meeting held on the recreational ground at CARMARTHEN.

In the Battalion Sports Meeting, A Company took first place, with S Company second and HQ Company third.

20th June 1943

A Company practised an assault landing on PENDINE SANDS.

21st June 1943

The Battalion attended a demonstration on PENDINE SANDS by A Company which involved as assault landing and cliff climbing, followed by an attack on an enemy strong point in which Light Machine Guns and Mortars were fired.

22nd June 1943

The Battalion attended a demonstration, given by D Company, in the area of PENDINE which included a Platoon frontal attack on an enemy pillbox, followed by a Company attack on an enemy strong point.

23rd June 1943

The Brigade Sports Meeting heats were run off.

24th June 1943

The Brigade Sports Meeting was held on the CAMARTHEN Recreational Ground. 11th DLI took first place, 1st Tyneside Scottish second, 185 Field Regiment, Royal Artillery third, 10th DLI fourth and Brigade HQ fifth.

26th June 1943

The C.O. held a ceremonial parade and an inspection of the barracks.

27th June 1943

The C.O. inspected A Company, followed by Platoon kit inspections, Assault Course and Fieldcraft.

The Medical Section attended a Battle and Assault Course run by 187th Field Ambulance at PEMBREY.

28th June 1943

The C.O. began a series of complete inspections of Companies, prior to the inspection by the G.O.C. of 49 Division on 2nd July 1943.

A Company fired on the 100 yards range in Camp.

29th June 1943

D Company was inspected by the C.O. followed by Platoon kit inspection, Assault Course and firing on the range in Camp.

Platoon and Specialist training continued.

30th June 1943

HQ and S Companies were inspected by the C.O.

The Intelligence Section attended a 49 Division Intelligence Course held at the Divisional Battle School at PRESTEIGN.

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