178th Field Regiment War Diary - August 1942.

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1 August 1942 HARPTON COURT.

The Commanding Officer Lt Col L Rushworth-Ward M.C. RA proceeded on privilege leave. The Second-in Command, Major R A Collins RA assumed command of the Regiment.

3 August 1942

Pilot Officer McLay 16 Squadron RAF joined the Regiment for a short attachment for the purpose of practising Arty/R.

7 August 1942

The C.R.A. Brigadier L Griffiths-Williams visited the Regiment.

9 August 1942

The Regimental Sports were held at Harpton Court, the weather was fine except for a short shower, and the afternoon was very successful. The inter-Battery Contest was won by 516 Battery by a big margin. Pilot Officer McLay left.

10 August 1942

The C.O. Lt Col L Rushworth-Ward M.C. RA returned from privilege leave and resumed command of the Regiment.

11 August 1942

122 Field Battery RA went to Trawsfynydd Practice Camp for course shooting under direction of the Commanding Officer.

10:45 hours. A.A. & Q.M.G. 49 Division, Col. Thompson, visited the Regiment.

12 August 1942

The Regiment was detailed to enter vehicles on Exercise “Monte Carlo”. This was done.

13 August 1942

122 Field Battery RA returned to Harpton Court from Trawsfynydd Practice Camp.

14 August 1942

Vehicles returned from Exercise “Monte Carlo”. The Regiment obtained 22nd place in the Division.

17 August 1942

Captain N Goldstone RAMC joined the Regiment as Regimental Medical Officer.

19 August 1942

The Regiment proceeded to Royal Artillery Practice Camp, Builth Wells for practice on the Sennybridge Ranges.

21 August 1942 BUILTH WELLS.

366 and 122 courses on anti-tank shooting – weather very bad – unable to finish practice.

22 August 1942

516 course on anti-tank shooting. Regimental Commander’s and Battery Commanders’ parties proceeded on Exercise “Hotspur”. They returned same night.

24 August 1942

366 and 122 practice.

25 August 1942

516 practice.

26 August 1942

Regimental Firing Day – exercise “Helen”.

27 August 1942

Regimental Firing Day – Exercise “Troy”.

28 August 1942

Divisional Field Firing Exercise “Juniper”. The Regiment took part in this with the rest of the Divisional Artillery.

29 August 1942

Exercise “Juniper”.

30 August 1942

The Regiment returned from Builth Wells to Harpton Court.

Captain N Goldstone RAMC posted to Tropical Medicine Course, London.

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