178th Field Regiment War Diary - November 1942.

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2 November 1942 Harpton Court.

The Main Body of the Regiment under command of Major V Gerstenberg RA left Harpton Court for Ulverston, Lancashire, by road. Baggage was consigned by rail. 20 18/25pdrs were despatched to Ordnance and the Regiment received 20 25pdrs Mk II in exchange.

The Regiment now being in the process of returning to their original equipment, but the Mark II version, and sending the older equipment back to Ordnance Stores, a suitable photograph of the Gun which they now would be using, and which they had been equipped with originally, is set out below.

25 Pounder Gun Mark II.JPG

Main Body arrived Preston at 22:00 hours to stage the night.

3 November 1942

Main Body left Preston at 09:50 hours and after an uneventful run arrived Ulverston at 14:30 hours.

4 November 1942 ULVERSTON.

4 25pdr Mk II Guns arrived and 4 18/25 pdrs were despatched to Ordnance.

9 November 1942

An incoming draft of 60 men arrived from 23rd Field Training Regiment, RA. Commanding Officer Lt Col L Rushworth-Ward M.C. RA met the Army Commander, Lieutenant General E C A Schreiber C.B, D.S.O. Commanding –in-Chief Western Command at 70th Infantry Brigade HQ.

11 November 1942

The Divisional Commander, Major General H O Curtis C.B., D.S.O., M.C. visited the Regiment at 12:00 hours.

19 November 1942

Second-in-Command Major R A Collins RA attended at Divisional HQ, Cloth Model Exercise.

The Commanding Officer, Lt Col. L Rushworth-Ward M.C. RA was posted away from the Regiment to Depot, RA, Woolwich.

22 November 1942

The new Commanding Officer, Lt Col K M Wright RA arrived from 110th Field Regiment RA.

25 November 1942

The Regiment participated in 70th Infantry Brigade Motor Transport Movement Exercise “Monte Carlo III”. At time of writing no results have been advised.

26 November 1942

Second –in-Command Major R A Collins RA proceeded on seven days’ leave prior to attending Senior Officers’ School, Oxford, on 2 Dec 42.

30 November 1942

C.R.A. Brigadier C H M Brunker arrived 17:30 hours on a two day visit accompanied by Brigade Major RA Major J W Bayley.

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