178th Field Regiment War Diary - September 1942.

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2 September 1942 HARPTON COURT.

Main Body of 1st Belgian Field Battery arrive at Harpton Court.

3 September 1942

Visit by Major General Curtis G.O.C. 49 Division and the C.R.A. Brigadier L Griffiths-Williams.

6 September 1942

Visit of M.G.R.A. Western Command, Brigadier Barry.

8 September 1942 In the field.

178th Field Regiment RA starts to assemble for Western Command Exercise “Wetshod”. Assembly area in Pembrokeshire.

14 September 1942

05:00 hours. Return from Exercise “Wetshod”. Weather very good during whole period of Exercise.

16 September 1942 Harpton Court.

2 Officers and 2 NCOs arrive from 69 Field Regiment RA to get first hand knowledge of new methods in use.

18 September 1942

Satisfactory report on Rel Map Code sent in to HQRA.

14:00 hours. Skeleton wireless exercise at Penybont under C.R.A. Exercise “Mercury”.

19 September 1942

2/Lt Pigg and 2/Lt Lapidus joined the Regiment from 121 OCTU. Tank Circus visited by Regiment in Hereford.

20 September 1942

Exercise Juniper II at Sennybridge. The whole of 143rd Field Regiment RA and 178th Field regiment RA, plus Infantry O Parties of 49 Division took part. Exercise finished at 15:00 hours owing to bad weather.

21 September 1942

Officers and NCOs from 69 Field Regiment RA return to their unit.

22 September 1942

Brigade Movement Exercise to test different speeds and densities. Practice only Divisional Movement exercise for some reason. Air photos taken. Weather clear and sunny.

24 September 1942

Captain Wallace visits RAF on interchange of Officers scheme.

25 September 1942

Brigadier Griffiths-Williams visits Regiment to say Goodbye.

26 September 1942

C.O. Lt Col. L Rushworth-Ward M.C. RA visits Divisional Battle School at Norton Manor.

Lt B V Smith and 2/Lt N W Douglas posted to 521 Independent Field Battery RA. 2/Lt I A Dannreuther posted to 151st Field Regiment RA.

28 September 1942

2/Lt McKenna sent to 3rd Field Training Regiment RA Blackburn on a month’s probation.

29 September 1942

Lt Peters arrives from 3rd Field Training Regiment RA in exchange. New C.R.A. Brigadier Brunker makes first visit to Regiment.

30 September 1942

New Signals Officer joins Regiment – Lt Whaley.

Appendices attached to September 1942 War Diary.

Exercise “Wetshod” – Movement order dated 6.9.42.

This document set out; the order of march by Battery, the map reference of the start point, speed, density, route, traffic control, convoy markings, rations arrangements, colour party – link with 70th Brigade, opposition colour party, arrangements for those Officers returning from leave.

Exercise “Wetshod” – General Administrative Instructions – dated 5.9.42.

This sheet set out details for the exercise covering; dress, ground recognition arrangements, preliminary moves (this exercise lasted several days), ammunition – accounting for stocks – represented by tins of petrol, accounting for ammunition expenditure, petrol oil and lubricants, supplies – including rations, water supply, use of transport (including 3-tonners loaned by RASC), casualty returns, leave personnel, recovery of vehicle casualties, regular vehicle returns, sanitation arrangements, role of the Rear Party, supply of blankets and salvage of blank ammunition.

The Appendix A to this document set out the returns to be completed and at what times and frequencies.

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