185th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, War Diary April 1943

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1 April 1943

Unit located at RA Camp Penclawydd, Near Swansea. Strength – Officers 39 Other Ranks 654.

During the first week of this month, battery training was completed, each battery doing one drill order and one night occupation.

Mobilisation proceeded as detailed in Appendix 2 to March War Diary. (Appendix did not survive to be included in the War Diary file).

Lieutenant H C P Burden (226842) posted from 109 Field Regiment RA.

1 Other Rank posted to 9 Medium Regiment RA.

3 April 1943

2/Lieutenant W Wallich (268795) posted from 123 OCTU RA.

825636 Lance Sergeant Haddock proceeded on M.T. Course at Royal Artillery Motor Transport School, Rhyl.

Lieutenant D Bryan (187229) attended course at Royal Artillery Motor Transport School, Rhyl.

4 April 1943

Lieutenant R D Driscoll interposted from 386 to RHQ as Intelligence Officer and Assistant Adjutant.

5 April 1943

1 Other Rank posted to Serial 35789.

6 April 1943

Captain E W Garnett (90105) proceeded on 20 War Gunnery Course (Officers), Serial 215, School of Artillery and was posted to attached Depot RA.

7 April 1943

Regimental Scheme “Intruder” (See Appendix 1). Unfortunately the Appendix has not been filed in the War Diary.

Lieutenant W A Vickers (148319) and 2/Lieutenant A W M Smith (261114) posted from 163 Field Regiment RA.

9 April 1943

1 Other Rank posted to Depot RA, 1 Other Rank to REME, Buntingford. 1 Other Rank to 3rd Field Training Regiment RA. 4 Other Ranks posted from School of Survey.

10 April 1943

Command Post Exercise BRONCO, conducted by I.G. Major D Newton RA to practice communications and passage of orders and intelligence.

12 April 1943

50 Other Ranks posted to 180 Field Regiment RA.

13 April 1943 CLYRO.

Divisional Exercise BOMBARD – unit move to CLYRO. Appendix 2 covers BOMBARD Exercise. (Appendix not included in War Diary file).

14 April 1943 WALLINGTON.

Unit move to WALLINGTON.

15 April 1943 DONCASTER.

Divisional Artillery move to DONCASTER. “D” Day. Unit mobilisation complete less - personnel 98 Other Ranks, Equipment 12 – 15cwt vehicles, W/T vehicle (8 cwt held in lieu)

16 April 1943 DONCASTER.

Motor Transport maintenance under Divisional arrangements.

17 April 1943 FYLINGDALE.

Divisional Artillery move to FYLINGDALE area.

19 April 1943 BAYSDALE.

Divisional Artillery move to BAYSDALE area.

20 April 1943 OTTERBURN.

Divisional Artillery move to OTTERBURN Royal Artillery Practice Camp.

21 – 26 April 1943

Full scale practice Royal Artillery Practice Camp OTTERBURN. Appendix 3 details full scale practice. (Appendix 3 not included in War Diary file).

27 April 1943 STEWARTON.

Divisional Artillery move to new location in Scottish Command. Move known as Exercise SOUDLEY. Regiment now forms part of I Corps. Appendix 4 covers Exercise Soudley. (Appendix not included in the War Diary file).

28 April 1943

1 Other Rank posted from 3rd Field Training Regiment RA.

20 – 28 April 1943

23 Other Ranks posted from Depot RA (3), 5 Field Training Regiment RA (5), 4 Field Training Regiment RA (3), 170 Field Regiment (1), 3 Reserve Medium Regiment (3), 23 Field Training Regiment RA (8).

29 April 1943

Adjutant Captain W H Jaine RA attended conference at Kilmarnock – orders issued for return of Regiment back to Penclawydd.

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