185th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, War Diary April 1944

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1 – 3 April 1944 SHERINGHAM.

274, 386 and 191 Batteries carried out calibration on SANCTUARY RANGE in the order 386, 191 and 274 Battery.

2 April 1944

Lieutenant N F Grove-White RA posted to the Regiment. Authority: WOUM 112/Arty/3520 (AG6P) dated 28 March 1944.

3 – 6 April 1944

“SEEK”. The Exercise involved a skeleton RHQ party with 1 Forward Observation Officer party from each Battery, and was designed to exercise units taking part in (a) battlefield technique, (b) the passing of information and (c) the working of communications. The exercise took place in the THETFORD Training Area. See Appendix A attached. This Appendix was not included in the file.

7 – 9 April 1944

Regiment engaged on individual training.

10 April 1944

Exercise “BUMP”. Exercise designed to give commanders, staffs and troops some insight into normal battlefield routine and to give practice in the battle procedure which must precede any large attack. The exercise took place over Dunwich battle area. The unit moved into a hide at STUSTON COMMON. See Appendix B attached. . This Appendix was not included in the file.

11 April 1944

“BUMP”. The Regiment moved into concentration area under command 70th Infantry Brigade at SUTTON WALKS.

12 – 16 April 1944

“BUMP”. The Regiment supported 70th Infantry brigade in the advance, firing onto Dunwich Battle Area.

17 April 1944

“BUMP”. Unit returned to SHERINGHAM.

18 April 1944

Regiment becomes subject to unit censorship.

19 – 23 April 1944

Regiment engaged on individual training.

22 April 1944

Regiment changed to Field Accounting.

24 – 26 April 1944

Exercise “WASH”. Object to test the standard of waterproofing within 49 Division.

Regiment provided RHQ and Battery vehicles. C.O. held conference.

27 April 1944

Regiment moved down to GORLESTON to parade with other units of Divisional Artillery for an inspection by His Majesty The King.

28 April 1944

386 Battery engaged on exercise on SANCTUARY RANGE with 9th Lancashire Fusiliers.

29 April 1944

274 Battery – Anti-Tank shooting at HORSEY RANGE.

28 – 30 April 1944

The Commanding Officer attended Senior Officers’ Exercise known as “BIFF”.

30 April 1944

150 Officers and men attended British tank recognition demonstration at BELTON COMMON. Demonstration arranged by 146 Infantry Brigade.

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