185th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, War Diary July 1943

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1 July 1943 PENCLAWYDD.

Regiment located at PENCLAWYDD. Strength 41 Officers, 663 Other Ranks.

The ensuing period was devoted to training on a Battery basis, with weekly command post schemes at Regimental level.

5 July 1943

Waterproofing trials with “drowned” ammunition. (See Appendix A attached).

11 July 1943

274 Field Battery scheme on BLACK MOUNTAIN with 1 Tyneside Scottish.

19 July 1943

Orders received for move to location in SCOTTISH COMMAND, move known as Exercise OVERDO. (See Appendix B attached). (This Appendix was not included in the War Diary file).

22 July 1943

Inspection by Major General F H Barker C.B.E., D.S.O., M.C. General Barker commanded 49th Division.

26 July 1943


27 July 1943 WELLINGTON.

Move to PRESTON.

28 July 1943 PRESTON.


29 July 1943 CARLISLE.


Appendices attached to the July 1943 War Diary.

Appendix A – SECRET report on waterproofing trials.

This was a single sheet report from the Regimental C.O. on trials carried out in the CRAVEN AREA on 1st July 1943.

The ammunition subject to the test was fired at PENCLAWYDD on 3rd July 1943. The results were set out in an attached Appendix A, which was not included with the document.

A range of charges and types of shell were used in the trials and normal maintenance on the ammunition was carried out. There were some differences noted from the performance expected, and suggestions were made about possible modification to the drain holes on the pivot brackets on the gun. Points were made about the timing of maintenance routines. A key point was made in that the trials had been done with ammunition soaked in fresh water – a query was raised as to whether sea water might see a more adverse result. There was clearly some surprise that soaking wet charges functioned normally.

It is assumed that these trials were being conducted in the context of the waterproofing work being planned to support the eventual D Day invasion.

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