185th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, War Diary March 1944

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1 March 1944 SHERINGHAM.

Lieutenant H C P Burden RA posted from the Regiment to RA Depot, Woolwich.

2 March 1944

RHQ staff comprising Adjutant, Assistant Adjutant, Regimental Signals Officer, Regimental Sergeant Major and Chief Clerk went to HQRA for 1 day wireless procedure Exercise RAKE, including general instructions for the use of SLIDEX code.

4 March 1944

36 Tractors Field Artillery were collected from 31 Vehicle Replacement Depot, Douglas Castle, Douglas, Lanark.

6 March 1944

Exercise ACE I – Regimental indoor exercise held to practise “M” and “U” Target procedure and the passing of information messages.

7 March 1944

Exercise ACE II – continuation of ACE I including representative staff from HQRA which manned the rear link.

9 March 1944

Exercise KILL – 191 Battery fired on SANCTUARY RANGE – to practise deployment and continuous support, the uses of the 18 Set in the Observation Post and procedure with the Air Observation Post.

10 March 1944

Exercise KILL – 386 Battery fired on SANCTUARY RANGE.

11 March 1944

Exercise KILL – 274 Battery fired on SANCTUARY RANGE.

13 March 1944

191 Battery Anti-Tank practice and zeroing of 25 pdr equipments on HORSEY Anti-Tank Range.

14 March 1944

386 Battery fired on HORSEY Anti-Tank Range.

15 March 1944

Captain K J Collins joined the Regiment from 163 Field Regiment RA.

274 Battery fired on HORSEY Anti-Tank Range.

17 March 1944

11:00 hours and

11:40 hours and

15:00 hours. Regiment visited by Major General Royal Artillery.

17:30 hours Major Edwards and his Ctr Battery staff visited the Regiment and gave lectures to all Officers and C.P.O.A’s.

21 March 1944

274 Battery less one sub-section moved to Dunwich Battle Area for Exercise BANG.

22 March 1944

386 and 191 Batteries (each less one sub-section) moved to Dunwich Battle Area to take part in Exercise BANG. Exercise BANG was an exercise to practice continuous support of an advance guard by a Battery.

One gun per Battery carried out an absolute calibration on Dunwich RANGE.

23 March 1944

Representatives from the Regiment gave a demonstration to representatives of 49 Recce Regiment on our miniature range, and then took 49 Recce Regiment representatives on a tour of our equipment.

26 March 1944

Regiment held its first Regimental Church Parade in Sheringham.

191 Battery proceeded to STAMFORD RANGE to fire on 76 Division’s Battle School.

27 March 1944

The Adjutant visited an Armoured Fighting Vehicle demonstration at School of Tank Technology, Chobham Common, Surrey.

28 March 1944

2/Lt V E Burdock posted to 195 Field Regiment RA, Rhos-on-Sea, Denbighshire.

274 Battery engaged on an exercise with 9th Royal Welch Fusiliers.

30 March 1944

Regiment visited by a Records Officer to check state of mobilisation.

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