185th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, War Diary May 1944

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1 May 1944 Sheringham.

Unit located at Sheringham, Norfolk.

Regimental Officers Training: discussion held to clarify the organisation of other arms and their main characteristics and functions.

Classification of Battery Signallers carried out.

2 – 3 May 1944

Classification of Battery Signallers. Zeroing of rifles carried out by Regiment at West Runton rifle range.

4 – 5 May 1944

19:30 hours to 12:30 hours. Regimental Command Post Exercise “POTE”, carried out in the Weybourne area designed to (a) practise command post teams in carrying out preliminary arrangements before a full scale attack, (b) to practise recce parties in preparing a position during the night, (c) practise digging and occupation of a Regimental area by night, (d) to illustrate the making of a full scale fire plan.

6 May 1944

Arrival of Lieutenant E C Pollard as Officer in command Rear Party.

7 May 1944

191 Battery engaged in vehicle wading trials at YARMOUTH.

8 May 1944

All RHQ vehicles loading trial held to estimate packing and weight of vehicles for operations. Wading trials at YARMOUTH of 386 Battery vehicles.

9 May 1944

274 Battery vehicles engaged in wading trials at YARMOUTH.

10 May 1944

C.O., Second-in-Command, Adjutant and Battery Commanders attended lecture and model briefing for Exercise SHISHAH at HQ 70th Infantry Brigade at 10:15 hours. C.O. briefed all Officers and NCOs at 18:30 hours.

11 May 1944

09:30 to 12:30 hours. C.O. and Second-in-Command brief all ranks of 274 and 386 Batteries in Sheringham.

14:00 to 15:30 hours. All ranks of 191 Battery briefed at Cromer.

12 May 1944

“SHISHAH”, a Divisional Exercise, designed to practise marshalling and concentrating after a beach landing. Regimental Advance Party moved to join HQ 70th Infantry Brigade.

13 May 1944

“SHISHAH”. Regimental Main Body moved down to Exercise at STANFORD and THETFORD training areas.

13 – 16 May 1944

Regiment engaged on Exercise “SHISHAH”.

17 – 20 May 1944

Complete Regimental vehicle inspection and maintenance carried out.

21 May 1944

C.O. and Second-in-Command to HQRA for operational briefing by Commandant Royal Artillery.

10:00 hours. Regimental Church Parade at Sheringham Parish Church. The C.O. took the salute at the march past.

22 May 1944

11:00 hours. Regiment attended lecture by the Divisional Commander held at a hall in Norwich.

23 – 28 May 1944

Regiment engaged on operational waterproofing of all, less residue, vehicles (stage A only). All vehicles packed and weighed.

27 May 1944

Exercise “BREAKER III”. C in C’s address to all Commanders down to and including Lieutenant Colonels.

28 May 1944

Sealed operational orders received from 49 Infantry Division.

State of vehicle readiness reports sent in to HQRA.

29 – 31 May 1944

Checking of all vehicles by REME personnel. Individual training – Battery Sports, P.T., sea bathing parades.

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