187 Field Ambulance - War Diary April 1940

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15th April 1940 HAUGHTON-LE-SKERNE.

Map reading lectures have finished and the Sergeant Major lecturer has examined all Officers and NCOs and has given the unit a more than excellent report. This is very satisfactory.

The football team is going well and at last a wash place for the dishes has been put in Whinfield Hall and some ablution taps in the Institute.

Recategorisation is proceeding rapidly as are vaccinations and inoculations.

25th April 1940

Recategorisation finished – not many C Class men, but new orders issued stating that men previously laid down as for Base or Garrison duty can now be used in the RAMC in the same way as A1 or A2 men. HQ definitely picked.

Men who returned from duty at York Military Hospital have received an excellent report. One Dispenser returned as fit for duty as a Dispenser.

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