187 Field Ambulance - War Diary July 1940

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2nd July 1940 UPSALL HALL.

At 22:00 hours, left for TAVISTOCK, arriving at 12:30 hours on 5th July 1940. Very dirty, insanitary and crowded billets.

5th July 1940 TAVISTOCK.

12:30 hours – billets very dirty and uncomfortable.

7th July 1940

Ordered to leave by evening. Major Briscoe and myself left to find billets in the ASHBURTON area. Found HALHAMPTON 3 miles North of ASHBURTON.

8th July 1940 HALHAMPTON.

Arrived 12:30 hours – two Companies in the house, one Company in Barn, Officers’ billets very bad in two unoccupied bungalow cottages.

B Company removed to billets at NEWTON ABBOT, A Company to IVY BRIDGE and HQ Company to TOTNES. All billets will be reasonably good if SAQC can do anything.

10th July 1940 Tauroclen House TOTNES.

HQ Company arrived – billeted in Bowden House at TOTNES. B Company in Hereford House, Newton Abbot.

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