187 Field Ambulance - War Diary June 1940

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At 04:00 hours six buses arrived from the United Bus Company with secret orders as this was part of an internal security scheme.

The whole scheme was put into action. Numerous telephone calls, however, elicited no information for over an hour, when ? we got message from Northern Area.

The scheme worked well and the Field Ambulance was on the road ready to move in ¾ of an hour. Field Ambulance did not move out, but was ordered to retain its transport.

Bus Company changed over several buses in the day. Petroleum arrangement worked well.

3rd June 1940

A Company left for LAUNCESTON Camp with two Ambulances, five buses, one lorry and a motor cyclist. One bus broke down on the road and had to be replaced.

6th June 1940

News received that one Ambulance no use at LAUNCESTON Camp. Replaced.

Present state of transport –

Eight converted civilian Ambulances – one under repair.

Two motor cycles.

One Ford car and three on immediate call.

Four lorries.

All civilian vans earmarked by Transport Officer have been cancelled.

? have three saloon cars ready to come from Austin Sanderson to 3, Northgate Street.

Lt Needham RAMC reported for duty.

12th June 1940

At 10:30 hours Field Ambulance, while on Route March, received sudden orders to move into 176 Brigade Area.

HQ and A Company to Hutton Hale near GUISBOROUGH and B Company to Whynyard Hall near WOLVISTON.

Four three-ton lorries were requisitioned for this move but were barely sufficient even with available transport.

B Company left at 18:30 hours and arrived at destination without a hitch about 19:30 hours.

A and HQ left at 19:00 hours and arrived at Hutton Hale at 20:15 hours but found no guide as previously arranged. They were eventually informed that they could not be accommodated in Hutton Hall but would move into GUISBOROUGH.

Two billets occupied one Temperance Hall and one other the Methodist Institute. Not bad but washing and latrine accommodation only poor. Office and Officers messed in Buck Hotel. Quartermaster and staffs gave every help.

18th June 1940 GUISBOROUGH.

Orders received two days ago to move to Upsall Hall, ground reconnoitred and sites for Camps settled. Local contract for water etc.

Major Briscoe RAMC reported from BEF on 17th June 1940.

Internal security scheme received from 59th Division. Advanced Dressing Station in Hutton Hall, Main Dressing Station to remain in Upsall Hall, seems unsatisfactory idea not to use Main Dressing Station but have car collecting points and evacuate Advance Dressing Station at Hutton Hall by cars.

Field Ambulance at GAINFORD and Advance Dressing Station at Whynyard Park by Field Ambulance at HAUGHTON-LE-SKERNE.

20th June 1940

At 16:00 hours moved to Upsall Hall. Latrines and water ready, with no great difficulty about sanitation.

21st June 1940

At 09:30 hours A Company left for ?Hilloden with North Staffordshires.

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