187 Field Ambulance - War Diary May 1940

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Lt Bain and O’Tully reported from RAMC Training Depot LEEDS.

10th May 1940

Unit ordered to stand by to aid the Civil Power.

All men confined to Barracks. Medical equipment got out.

Two lorries without drivers arrived. Eight private cars with names of drivers and addresses to be got by the Police. Six buses to be got from local Bus Company. Petrol from Petroleum Company.

14th May 1940

Orders received cancelling orders regarding confinement to Barracks York Area and orders now given that 50% of the unit and an inlying piquet of the remainder.

22nd May 1940

Lt Cates arrived.

A practice, loading for ? schemes, has been ordered.

Captain Dutton left on leave pending embarkation for the Middle East.

25th May 1940

Orders received that 50% of the unit were confined to Barracks, but need not stand to.

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