1st Tyneside Scottish September 1944

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1st September 1944 FRESNAY.

Captain K.D. Buchanan and 29 Other Ranks were posted to 5th Battalion, the Black Watch.

Five Other Ranks were posted to 1st Battalion, the Black Watch and five Other Ranks were posted to 7th Battalion, the Black Watch.

2nd September 1944

The weekly Manpower Returns were completed and attached to the War Diary as Appendix A – for details see below.

4th September 1944

Twelve Other Ranks were posted to miscellaneous units.

5th September 1944

Major A. Walton proceeded on leave to the UK.

Captain H.W. Brown assumed command of the Battalion.

6th September 1944

The Medical Officer, Captain J.D.O. Levertine, RAMC, was posted to 45 Reinforcement Holding Unit.

28 Other Ranks proceeded to 36 Reinforcement Holding Unit on posting or attachment.

8th September 1944

The Quartermaster – Captain S. Manson – left for the UK with the Regimental property, accompanied by one Other Rank.

9th September 1944

Captain H.W. Brown was posted to 11th Battalion, Royal Scots Fusiliers, together with four Other Ranks.

The Casualty Clerk and the Postal Orderly were attached to 48 Reinforcement Holding Unit.

Three Other Ranks were posted to 300 Company, Royal Army Service Corps.

The rest of the Battalion – twelve Other Ranks – were posted to 36 Reinforcement Holding Unit on posting or attachment.

The weekly Strength States were completed as at 9th September 1944 and attached to the War Diary as Appendix 2 – for details see below.

The Battalion ceased to administer itself, and now exists in name only.

Appendices attached to the 1st Tyneside Scottish War Diary for September 1944.

Appendix A – Manpower Returns as at 2nd September 1944.

This Return showed only four Officers remaining in post as against the War Establishment of 36 – consisting of one Major, two Captains and one Quartermaster. These were Major Walton (2 i/c), Captain H.W. Brown (Adjutant), Captain Manson (Quartermaster) and Captain Levertine (Medical Officer).

Captain Buchanan was shown as having left on posting to 5th Black Watch.

As regards Other Ranks, this Return shows a total of 64 in post as against the War Establishment of 815. They consisted of one WO Class II, one CQMS or Colour-Sergeant, six Sergeants, five Corporals and fifty Privates.

Appendix B – Manpower Returns as at 9th September 1944.

This Return shows Captain H.W. Brown and Captain J.D.O. Levertine (RAMC) having left the Battalion on posting, but Major W.K. Angus re-joining the Battalion from 7th Black Watch, his original posting having been cancelled.

This therefore left, as part of the strength, two Majors and the Quartermaster, although, in fact, Major Walton was absent on leave, Major Angus was still shown as attached to 7th Black Watch and Captain Manson was on his way to the UK with the Battalion property.

The Other Ranks’ Return showed the total number as having reduced to 13 (one WO Class II, two Sergeants, 1 Corporal and nine men).

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