29th Mule Company, War Diary September 1942

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1 September 1942 AVIEMORE.

20:30 hours. Personnel attended cinema show given by Welfare Officer. Officer Commanding unit attended conference held at 4th Battalion K.O.S.B. Weather fine.

2 September 1942

10:45 hours. Captain J DARBY O.C. 32 Mule Company visited the unit to pay personnel on attachment. Weather fine.

Officer Commanding, Veterinary Officer and No. 1 Sub-Division proceeded on 24 hour exercise.

3 September 1942

21:30 hours. Officer Commanding, Veterinary Officer and No. 1 Sub-Division returned from exercise with affiliated Battalion at 14:00 hours. Fine and raining at intervals.

4 September 1942

21:22 hours. Adjutant No. 4 Pack Group visited the unit. C.O. attended conference held at 4th Battalion K.O.S.B. regarding Battalion Scheme. Personnel attended cinema show in evening given by Welfare Officer. Sunny day.

5 September 1942

19:50 hours. Animal gas masks were tested by Veterinary Officer in the morning. Fine and showery.

6 September 1942

18:20 hours. All personnel attended broadcast. Available personnel went to Brigade Sports held at Camp B “2”. Weather fine.

7 September 1942

21:10 hours. C.O. Veterinary Officer I.A. and Quartermaster proceeded to make recces of new winter location of the unit. Weather uncertain and cloudy.

8 – 15 September 1942

Unfortunately, due to a poor photograph of this particular page of the War Diary having been taken, the text is not readable.

16 September 1942

19:20 hours. C.O. visited 4 Pack Group, 155 Brigade HQ and 5th Highland Light Infantry. Cold and showery.

17 September 1942

19:32 hours. C.O. proceeded to FOCHABERS to take over new winter quarters, returning on next day. Cold and little showers.

18 September 1942

10:10 hours. C.O. returned from FOCHABERS. 2/Lt MOHD ASHRAF joined unit on posting for duty. Cold and little sunshine.

19 September 1942

19:21 hours. C.O. attended conference at 52 Division HQ. High Commissioner for India Sir AZIZUL HAQUE accompanied by his private secretary, Commander Indian Contingent and Honorary Lieutenant MOHD ASHRAF I.O.M, I.D.S.M. visited the unit. 2 VCOs, 20 Other Ranks attended a gas demonstration at 157 Brigade. Sunny.

20 September 1942

13:14 hours. All personnel attended broadcast. A lecture on current affairs was given by Malik MOHD KHAN. Rain all day.

21 September 1942

18:50 hours. Wet and cold. Nothing special to report.

22 September 1942

19:12 hours. C.O. attended conference at No. 4 Pack Group. Weather cold and rain at intervals.

23 September 1942

18:35 hours. H.H. Maharaja Jam Sahib Sir DIGVIJAYBSINHJI RANJITSINHJI JADEJA G.C.I.E., K.C.S.I., A.D.C. MAHARAJA JAM SAHIB of NAWANNACAR and DEWAN BAHADR SIR RAMASWAMI MUDALIAR accompanied by Commandant Indian Contingent Col R W W MILLS O.B.E. M.C. and Rissaldar and Honorary Lieutenant MOHD ASHRAF I.O.M., I.D.S.M. inspected Headquarters and A and B troops at 08:25 hours and C & D troops at 09:55 hours. Fine and small showers.

24 September 1942

19:00 hours. Wet and cold.

25 September 1942

18:40 hours. C.O. visited NO. 4 Pack Group. C.O proceeded with C.O. 4 Pack Group to make recce. of bivouac area on road to winter quarters.

26 September 1942

19:00 hours. Fine but cloudy.

27 September 1942

17:00 hours. All personnel available attended broadcast. Captain SHER MOHD MIR, F.A.O. Indian Contingent visited lines and inspected accounts. Fine but cloudy.

28 September 1942

18:20 hours. C.O. proceeded to KINGUSSIE to draw pay for personnel of unit. Fine day.

29 September 1942

19:00 hours. C.O. visited C.O. No. 4 Pack Group (Captain W JAMESON – this may be an error). Education Officer, Indian Contingent (W.O.1 WALLIS) visited lines. Rain with sunny intervals.

30 September 1942

Captain W JAMESON 25 Mule Company, RIASC visited unit lines. Dull but warm day.

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