49th Division Provost Company, Royal Corps of Military Police

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49th Division Provost Company, Royal Corps of Military Police War Diary

As has been done with other supporting units, the documentation of the War Diary for this Provost Company, which was later titled the Iceland ( C) Force Provost Company, is limited to the period in which it was in contact with the 70th Infantry Brigade. In this case, the time period stretches from September 1940 to December 1941 - the tour of duty in Iceland undertaken by the Brigade. The War Diary provides some interesting information on an area of military activity not often described or documented and can be usefully read alongside the Diaries of the Brigade. Thanks are due to the Museum and Archives of the Corps, and the staff, for their assistance in helping to create this record. Sadly, only a small number of the Company's personnel were identified within the War Diary, thereby limiting the degree of acknowledgment which could be given as part of this work to those men who served in the unit.

'''War Diary - 1940'''

'''War Diary - 1941'''

Personnel known to have served in the Company.

Bilson Lance Corporal
Carruthers W M J Captain
Chrisp Sergeant
Dane Clifford Eric 2nd Lieutenant P/199059
East P.O. 340139
Hessler C A Lieutenant
Hilsden Regimental Sergeant Major
McLaglan C H Lieutenant
Minton Lance Corporal
Ney Lance Corporal
Page Lance Corporal
Raven Lance Corporal
Styles Regimental Sergeant Major
Topham Mark C Captain

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