757th Field Company, Royal Engineers

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War Diary of the 757th Field Company, Royal Engineers.

'''War Diary 757th Field Company, Royal Engineers, November 1940 - January 1942'''

'''War Diary 757th Field Company, Royal Engineers, 1942.'''

'''War Diary 757th Field Company, Royal Engineers, 1943.'''

'''War Diary 757th Field Company, Royal Engineers, 1944.'''

'''War Diary 757th Field Company, Royal Engineers, 1945'''

As explained in respect of the other Royal Engineer units, the loss of the Army Enlistment Books meant that very little information was available on the men who served in the unit. Family members who are willing to share information are strongly encoouraged to get in touch with the researchers, using the link below, to help with completing the individual Memorial Pages.

As a result of communications and attachments from Major Thompson, a draft has been received of the War Diary for this Company for the whole of its existence. The period other than that covered by the research at The National Archives - 1942 to 1944 - has been copied from that draft and inserted above to complement our own research. Major Thompson has also provided a list of names of men who served in a pert of the Company, and those have been added to the Personnel List.

Personnel known to have served in the Unit.

Allen Alfred John Sapper 2132123 Died 10/7/1941
Atkins Leonard Sapper 5260865 Died 26/9/1944
Bayton Sapper
Bedell Sergeant
Benstead Sapper
Blake Walter G. Sapper 2132127 Died 24/6/1941
Broome Sapper
Brown I D S Major See also 289th Field Park Company.
Brown R Sapper 2132503
Bruce L J Lieutenant 190348 See also 289th Field Park Company
Bunn Richard Robert Sapper 5127710 Died 26/9/1944
Canning Sapper
Carter Philip Leslie (Jack) Sapper 2132130 Died 12/9/1941
Clarricoats James Henry Sapper 1885698
Clayton C G Lieutenant Home Guard, attached for training
Collins Lance Sergeant Chief Clerk
Cook Sapper
Cooke Sapper
Cottam J F Lieutenant
Critchlow B H Lieutenant Home Guard, attached for training
Davidson Sapper
Dobson John Sapper 14366977 Died 7/9/1944
Dodd E C Second Lieutenant Joined 31/1/1943
Donoghue M F Second Lieutenant
Emms Sapper
Evans Sergeant
Fox J T Lieutenant
Fraser L A M Major Joined 17/10/1940
Gammons Harold Sidney Lance Sergeant Died 24/11/1945
Gault Sapper
Goodman Edward Sapper 2132492 Died 12/10/1944
Graves Sapper
Gray Sergeant
Gray Sandy Sapper
Hansom James Hubert Sapper 5127745 MM
Hanburby Sergeant
Henry Sapper
Hodge T Second Lieutenant
Home Sapper
Hopkins Sapper
Howard A D S Second Lieutenant Joined 5/1/1942 Wounded 18/8/1944
Howe T E Lieutenant 13 Warwickshire (Coventry) Battalion, Home Guard, attached for training
Jones I H Sapper
Jonson Sapper
Kirkup Dick Sapper
Less Sapper
Little Hugh Wilson Lieutenant 258914 Joined 22/1/1943 French Croix de Guerre Wounded 27/8/1944.
Lucas A W T Captain
Lyon Ben Sapper
Macintyre Corporal
Marsh Sapper
McPherson Sapper
McQueen Sapper
Moore A Wilmot Second Lieutenant Joined 24/7/1943
Napper Paul Edward Cleeve Sapper 14418880 Died 25/6/1944
Nash William Sapper
Nicolas Sapper
Nutter John Alexander Stewart Lance Corporal 2131438 Died 11/9/1944
Nuttycombe William Thomas Fred Corporal 2132532 Died 26/9/1944
Pearson William George Lance Sergeant 2193291 Died 26/11/1944 MM
Pickard Anthony Ransom Second Lieutenant 323940 Died 18/11/1944
Plane A Sapper 2132495
Plummer Sapper
Plunkett James Sergeant 2026654 MM
Pratt James John Trevor Lieutenant 299885 Died 28/11/1944 Mentioned in Despatches
Robinson H D G Lieutenant 1st Coventry Battalion Home Guard, attached for training
Rose F T Lieutenant Pioneer Officer HQ 18th Battalion Home Guard, attached for training
Rutherford Sapper
Sarson C W Corporal 2019884
Sheppard Leslie Frank Lance Sergeant 6402273 Died 30/8/1944
Stewart Richard Lees Sapper 2138944 Died 17/12/1941
Thompson Sapper
Venables Joseph Albert Lance Sergeant 2132500 Died 29/10/1944
Wakefield J A Second Lieutenant
Watson G Sapper 14336506
Williams Ferdinand Rees Sapper 3915965 Died 26/9/1944
Williams P F Lieutenant - promoted Captain - 70383 Joined 25/2/1943 See also 289th Field Park Company

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